I know, I know! This is turning out to be ate’s blog na hahaha. Almost everything I post now is about HER! @_@ I should really change my blog’s name to her name! ;P Well actually, she IS the SUGAR in my title -sharing equal billing with her brother who is the spice in my life. (What is life without flavor after all??? Spice makes life interesting. Spice is NOT bad ha babyson!) And her sister, my munchkin, who is really EVERYTHING NICE! ;) They do complete my title.. and my life.

As you know, ate is turning 18. A milestone! Forgive me for being excited, but I’m really one proud momma here! <3

Yesterday, we she had a photo shoot at Salon De Ning. They don’t normally allow photo shoots inside but I really stormed their gates until they relented. ;P See for yourself why I insisted on having her photo shoot there.

Photo credits: Quin Talan

Oh di ba? Ang GANDA??? Both the place & the mowdel??? ;) 
With her 20’s get up. Perfect for her 20’s theme.
Rockin’ chick, this girl of mine! <3
I love her smile here. <3

My favorite among all.. it’s like she has wings!
My angel on earth! <3

The shoot took about 2 hours, which was pretty quick for more or less 200 shots. We can never thank QUIN enough for his fantastic takes. And his patience for all the costume changes. Grabe. We love you Quin! <3 <3 <3

This is Quin.
Ate‘s high school buddeh.
He is now with the press corps at the college of St Benilde. He is of course, their star photographer.
We are just so honored & happy that he gifted ate with his unbelievably superb photo skills! <3 
P.A. mode ako that day.
Karay-karay ko talaga ito for ate’s many costume changes.
I deserve an AWARD! DAKILANG NANAY! ;))

But all that is the “after”. Lemme show you the “before”, haha!

With the ever-trusted Jeric & his ever faithful julalay Sandy girl! m/

All that emoting in front of the camera (and syempre me, behind it hehe) left us HUNGRY. So after the shoot, we went to attack ESCOLTA for their european buffet.

Buddies for life! :)
Kasali talaga ako! :P

All the food in my previous ESCOLTA post was also offered last night. The only changes made were in the hot dishes..
Lamb Stew with roasted peppers & tomatoes
Roasted duck with orange sauce.
Matigas yung bibe! :(
Prunes & herbed stuffed pork loin with gravy.
Pero mas matigas pa pala yung baboy! :((
Potato & leek Ragout with sausage

And this looked interesting.. after tasting it though, I found out: PAPAYAT AKO SA EUROPE! :P

And naturally, what comes after dinner is drinks. So SDN it is for some chill music & poison. Good thing Anderson was waiting to drive us back (hic!).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their wasabi chips!!! <3 
Syempre kasali uli ako! :P
OPA Gangnam style! I mean, CHEERS! :)
so cute! GUMMIES!!! <3

What a fruitful day it turned out to be. And I’m really happy that ate likes all the pictures. *exaggerated sigh of relief*

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