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Phat Pho

MAITA QUESADA, the charming PR princess of the Moment Group (restaurants include Cue Modern Barbecue, Nam Nam, Burger Bar and 8 Cuts) invited us to try PHAT PHO in Serendra a couple of weeks ago.

PHAT PHO, a vietnamese restaurant, originated from Cebu and was brought to Manila in corroboration with ABACA group & Moment. PHAT means PRETTY HOT AND TASTY.. so yeah, you may call me PHAT any time! ;))


I was so happy because she included my kids in the invite. Lately it’s just been me & Kap so I’ve missed having my kids eat out with us. This was a very welcome treat. <3



See my happiness? NO EYES! ;P

Phat Pho Manila

Serendra Plaza, McKinley Parkway
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines
Telephone No.: (632) 804-1646
Hours: 11:30AM – 2:30PM & 5PM – 10PM (11PM Fri & Sat)

Phat Pho Manila Facebook Page


Disguised as a modern street style noodle shop with casual counter style quick service in a hip environment, Phat Pho boasts a menu of classic Vietnamese flavors and ingredients that are both flavorful and of the highest quality.



Spot Richard & Irene as they waited patiently for us. ;)) Sorry we’re always late! :'((





THE AMAZING FOOD. I’m not exaggerating. I find most Vietnamese food bland, but these peeps from PHAT PHO did something to make it acculturate to the Filipino taste. Try it to believe. Hindi ako mapapahiya, promise. (Yes, some sort of tagalog to balance the nosebleed word “acculturate” lels.)



Rice Paper Rolls with chilled shrimps 195 php. Filled with vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daiken, peanuts & fresh herbs.



Angus Beef Satay 345 php. With garlic & shallots. Tender to the bite. <3



Chicken Satay 130 php. With 5 spice, garlic & shallots.


Fish sauce chicken wings 235 php. Crispy marinated chicken wings, with garlic & lemongrass. Best dipped in vinegar for that extra oomph! <3


Tender pork ribs 265 php. With chili caramel glaze, tamarind & fish sauce.


Com Chien 295 php. Vietnamese style fried rice with chicken & prawns.


At dahil ang tunay na lalaki ay may extra rice! ;))


Noodle Bun 210 php. Classic cold vermicelli noodle salad garnished with pickle carrots & daikon, crushed peanuts, fresh shallots, cucumbers, greens, and vietnamese sausage.


And then out came the 2 stars of the night –not the GO’s.. not the CO’s.. But THE PHOS! <3



Bun Bo Hue 225 php. My favorite because it was both so spicy & flavorful it made me cry! <3 A spicy beef & pork based broth with pork knuckle, braised beef, and tendon.


Pho Bo Vien 210 php. Classic Beef Pho broth with vietnamese meatballs.



Missing my baby girl who went out with her girl friends 3 days in a row! @_@ Kinalimutan na ang nanay!


Maita asked us to try these chocolate covered cream puffs which aren’t for sale yet & are on its testing stage. We are happy to be guinea pigs anytime Maita. Just say the word & we’ll be there! ;))


Thank you so very much Maita for inviting us to dinner at PHAT PHO. It is now my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. <3 Best thing about PHAT PHO is the price is so affordable that it’s Kap-approved! We will certainly go back for more Pho goodness! <3

And thank you Richard & Irene for the suhathe yummiest QDB cheesecake in the world! <3 As you have seen, we couldn’t wait a second longer & attacked your gifts right after our dinner whilst still in the resto, lels. You spoil us too much, which is why we love you guys!! :-*



And of course, many thank to our superheroes who were just so wonderful to carry our heavy bags as we strolled the streets of BGC. Limited slots available at our training center for boyfies, hubbies, lovers.. SIGN UP NOW! ;))



My gosh. They even dressed alike. NAG-USAP BA KAYONG 2???


Meanwhile.. my lakwacherang dalagita and friends..


photo 2

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