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Phat Pho now in Rockwell!

It’s been a while since I set foot in Rockwell Mall, otherwise known as Power Plant Mall (the site stands on the 130-megawatt Rockwell Thermal Plant owned by the Lopez-led Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company, thus the name).

I’ve always loved Rockwell for its compact size & homey feel. Everything you need & all that is hip is there, but it’s not so massive that a day spent feels more of an effort than a leisurely stroll.

I’ve noticed it’s always busy though, why is that? Maybe because of all the condos scattered around the area. Probably the busiest mall on a weekday that I’ve ever encountered. And I’m not talking about just the stores, but the dining establishments as well. Great business for Phat Pho’s newest branch on the horizon! \m/

Phat Pho

Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City (02) 869 9284

New at Phat Pho: SEAFOOD PHO. A hot, steaming bowl of spicy seafood broth, fish cake, squid, and shrimps. More reason for my girls to stake out this resto! \m/

I’ve always found Vietnamese food bland, but Phat Pho certainly upped its game & found the kiliti of the Filipino masses – if I were to base it on the frequent & regular diners knockin’ down its doors. Phat Pho is my go-to for Banh Mi’s & noodle soup, great comfort food any time of the day! <3

Best of all, prices are so affordable that a date there is always guaranteed Kap-approved! ;)


I first encountered Phat Pho in one of my rare jaunts at Serendra BGC. It has become an instant favorite as I do love soup & sammies!


What a nice wall decor. As interesting & as colorful as the dishes served at Phat Pho!


To start, Fish Sauce Chicken Wings 265 php. An appetizer must-have. Crispy marinated chicken wings with garlic and lemongrass.


Also not to be missed, a vietnamese staple & my top vietnamese dish favorite, Chilled Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls (Goi Cuon) 195 php. These rice paper hand rolls are filled with vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daikon, peanuts and fresh herbs. Clean & green! Simply refreshing. ;)


Home Made Fish Cake 195 php with sweet chili dipping sauce. My Lovey has gone (semi-) Pescetarean as well, like her Ate, so this was a great dish to order for her at masyado silang pihikan. Ang hirap pakainin!


Grilled Meatball Noodle Bun 225 php small; 350 php large. This is the large size. :P This classic vermicelli noodle salad is garnished with pickled carrots & daikon, crushed peanuts, fresh shallots, cucumbers, greens & vietnamese sausage. You can opt to go meatless with the Homemade Fishcake variety, or go with the Five Spice Chicken or Grilled Lemongrass Pork options. The choice is definitely yours. ;)


My Lovey’s spicy Seafood Pho Small 245 php ; Large 395 php. This is large. Spicy seafood broth with fish cake, fresh squid and poached shrimp.


And by special request, my Bun Bo Hue Small 225 php; Large 395 php. And I’m sure you know which size this is hehe. Spicy pork and beef based broth with pork knuckle, braised beef and tendon.


Yep, this Queen Bitch is VERY happy! ;))


And because Kap is a kanin man through & through: Angus Beef Satay – 3 pcs. 210 php ; 5 pcs. 345 php topped with peanuts and shallots.  Vietnamese Meatballs 210 php with scallions, chili broth and coriander 210 php. And the pièce de résistance for my Romeo.. Com Chien 295 php. Vietnamese style fried rice with chicken and prawns. Siksik sa sangkap! <3


Dahil ang tunay na lalaki ay hindi lang may extra rice, kundi may extra ulam pa.. Bo Kho 420 php. Angus beef stew with carrots, potatoes, lemongrass, 5 spice and baguette.


My chipmunk dates, their cheeks puffed from sobrang katakawan. ;)) Say hello to our frequent third wheel! The giblings are always away at school & she is left behind haha so she’s stuck with us! ;)


A cold glass of Vietnamese Coffee 95 php. Perfect after a satisfying meal.


Coffee Jelly for Kap who does’t like coffee but makes an exception to this sweet ice cream mix.


Of course, not to be missed at any visit is the house special, Saigon Baguette Banh Mi 280 php. Take home for the Babyson! <3 Layer after layer of crunchy baguette, cilantro, chalua, pressed meatballs, cucumber, spring onions, scrambled eggs, pickled vegetables, ham, blended chili & liver pate! Now you really need a big mouth for this packed baby! ;)

Dates with my loves at Phat Pho are always fun. <3 My OOTD:


White linen top from M&S, “Queen Bitch” patch from London. Should have bought more.. alert ’em peeps of my coming, lol!


Uber cute Disney Birkis from a boutique store in SM Aura. They threw away all my fitflops.. kaya eto ang kapalit! ;P

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