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Petron Gasul

Even before Kap became a Petron gasoline dealer, even before I got married & had kids, and waaaaay back when I was still single, Petron Gasul had always been a part of my life.


I came to know what it was, and what it’s used for, because of our weekly supply at home. A tricycle driver would come a-knockin’ bearing a new tank of Petron Gasul. And our cook would happily fry away after a new one has been installed. :)



Petron Gasul is the highest quality LPG brand in the market. And THAT I’m sure of. How? Because it is Kap approved. Kap, as you know, is mabusisi. If he gets if for our home, then I know it is Sakto, it is Sulit, and it is definitely Safe. In fact, being a sub-dealer, I’m privy to the fact that it is the most tested and trusted brand out there! <3

  • Sakto, promising correct and accurate weight for every cylinder.
  • Sulit, emitting a true blue flame for consistent heat which results to faster and more economical cooking.
  • Safe, ensuring leak-free and laser-printed sealed product.



PETRON GASUL is a clean burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) consisting of a mixture of propane and butane gas and used as fuel for cooking, lighting and industrial applications. Petron Gasul is recommended for ovens, furnaces, gas engines, gas stoves, gas lamps, singeing in textile plants, pilot flame in boilers, cutting, soldering and brazing operations in metal fabrication.


As you know, I don’t have the passion for cooking, or baking. But fortunately, my Lovey likes to bake. It’s her favorite past time. Whenever her friends would come, they’d bake cookies & brownies and our home would smell of love.

I don’t always supervise because you know.. TEENS! They don’t like having their mothers around when friends are over. :P But with Petron Gasul’s 50 years reputation of being a safe brand, I am comforted that even if I leave them alone in the kitchen to bake & gossip.. or is it gossip and bake in between, they will be safe.



Thanks to Petron Gasul, cooking & baking is so much hassle free. Petron Gasul has a delivery Hotline (737-8000) in Metro Manila making sure that your gasul will be delivered sakto, sulit and safe from an authorized dealer.



What’s more, get a P10 savings with every Petron Gasul 11KG refill upon presentation of Petron Value Card at participating Petron Gasul stores. In fact, Kap got one for each member of our family. Alam nyo na mahilig si Kap sa discount.

Anyone with a Petron value Card purchasing Petron Gasul 11 KG at participating Petron stations can also earn Points!



The Petron Value Card allows you to earn points for every purchase made at participating Petron establishments. Accumulated points may be redeemed at over 1,000 Petron service stations nationwide.

The Petron Value Card is packed with rewards and benefits, such as:

  • Value Points: Fuel up regularly to accumulate Value Points.
    P250 Fuel Spend = 1 Point
    1 Point = P1.00 Value
  • Free Towing and Roadside Assistance*. Worry no more, your Petron Value Card entitles you to 24-hour Towing and Roadside Trouble Assistance. Just call (02) 459-4735 and help will be on its way.
  • Year-round Personal Accident Insurance*. Coverage is a must should accidents happen. Your Petron Value Card automatically enrolls you for a P10,000 Personal Accident Insurance and P1,000 in Medical Reimbursement. For claims, just call 876-4400.
  • Discounts**: Get the best value for money from partner establishments! You can check the app for more details.

Remember to buy your Petron Gasul only from the trusted dealers. In the meantime, CLICK HERE for the best recipes and kitchen tips that you can enjoy while getting the mileage out of your Petron Gasul.


Sakto, Sulit, and Safe. Yan ang Mommy at Dadding Petron Gasul! ;)



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