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Late post. I’ve lined up several scheduled posts already so I sorta kinda hadta squeeze this in somewhere in between my backlogs..

Ok. So, zOMG, I’ll exaggerate a bit & say that this is the happiest day of my life! ;) Kap’s PETRON DEALER’s MANAGEMENT COURSE (DMC) seminar is FINALLY over!! m/ And as I’m writing this while waiting for the ceremony to start, I’m also doing the dance of joy (privately lang, in my mind). His hard work & perseverance, and my “suffering”, is finally at its culmination!! Today, October 11, 2013 is his graduation!!

It’s no joke for a 45-year-old man to go back to “school” & study the basics again. After 25 years of no studying & no cramming for exams, medyo pumupurol ang utak natin! ;))

Early on in the game, they had Team Buildings so they can work in perfect harmony. Lahat sila may BIG HUG!!

It’s not all classroom work. Most of the time they had OJTs & field works. He did not have it easy those 4 intensive weeks.

They were taught EVERYTHING there was needed to know in operating a gasoline station.

and a Gasul station.

At! Nag-bumbero pa talaga si Kap. Hmmnnn.. HOTNESS! ;))
Pwede kaya mahiram yang costume pang role-play??? :P
Me: Mr. Fireman, can you douse me with your love pretty please? Nag-aapoy kasi ang puso’t kalamnan ko para sayo! #ratedX
Sorry Rica haha I just couldn’t resist!

It’s so timely too that it’s the 2 kids’ report card day, so no school today. Ate on the other hand just finished the last of her exams & is on sem break. Henceforth, were able to ALL go with daddy to SMC to watch him graduate! :) So funny kasi in a class of 18, siya lang talaga ang may rah-rah club, lels. #suportahantakahoney Bakit ba.. a family that supports each other stays together! ;)

Oh, diba? Blooming talaga ang smiles naming lahat! We have daddy back, YIPPEE!!! m/

Kapit kamay.. We really missed each other so much & couldn’t stay apart. <3
O.A. na kung O.A. but I can’t imagine a life without my Hunny. He really & literally IS the air I breathe.


Being the president of his class (nuks, proud moment talaga ako!), he gave a speech during the ceremony. He doesn’t really do this, but since his foray into the barangay elections, he’s getting used to public speaking haha. Medyo makapal na ang fez nya ngayon to get up on stage and talk! #byestagefright

Some of the Petron bigwigs who graced the ceremony.

Yay. He is now a certified Petron Dealer! m/

To watch his 10-minute, long but super funny speech, click HERE. :) You’ll know why I’m so jolly all the time. He is SUCH a comedian! <3 PS- Hindi po totoong de-allowance siya. At hindi rin po totoong akin ang istasyon. Kanya po yun, hindi ko po siya kinakawawa at inaapi ha! Joke lang po lahat ng pinagsasabi nya! ;))

I finally got to meet the new friends he’s been mentioning, I can now connect the faces to the names in his daily kwentos! ;)

His mentor, Charlton.

His newly-found BFF Opet from Isabella. ;)

Ja from Paranaque, who rides home with him most of the time. I worry less knowing he’s not alone on the road.

Petron served us a very yummy buffet lunch. Now I know why my Kap is so keen on going to “school” everyday. They are served FREE buffet meals everyday on top of breakfast & snacks! Kahit ako, mawiwili! :P

Today, our lunch was a delicious buffet spread of Soup, grilled prawns, bangus belly, seafood tinomok, and Lechon Kawali, and mango ref cake in the air-conditioned canteen.

We killed time in Shangrila Mall as we waited for the evening celebration. Look at my face, super saya ng lola niyo diba??? I’ve missed going on dates with my busy bee.

They karaoke’d the night away in NO OTHER bar in METRO WALK along Ortigas, Pasig City.

The bar owner allowed them to bring in a whole Lechon & several cases of beers with no corkage fee. They were just billed 5k consumable for the use of the place. You might want to consider this bar for your next party venue. :) Contact details: 02-6969675, 0090-6512252

I’m so excited for my hunny’s new business venture, his new bulilit baby. It’s been one of his dreams to operate a gasoline station & I’m glad for him that it has finally come true. I pray that God will bless him & allow him to succeed in all his undertakings. My Kap has such a good heart & an even greater intention.

I’m so proud of you, Hunny, and ever so thankful, for always striving to make a better life & a better future for our family. I love you so much, and I’m so blessed to have you for my husband. I really couldn’t have done any better. <3

Meanwhile, HONEYMOON muna kami!! Oh yeah, baby! ;))

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