Pesteng AHEM!

The bug finally caught up to me! :(( First, my hunny had it. Then MIL got it.. then my baby son caught it –and somehow passed it on to ate. And just as I was raving about my new wonder woman abilities because of the primrose oil & veggie juice I’ve been taking daily, this bug finally gets me!!! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!! @_@

Woke up with mega sore throat, and you know what that means. My affair with asthma is about to begin, sigh! I hope this virus stops with me & doesn’t go around again! I’m already bombarding everyone with mega doses of vitamins!!!

The only good thing about being sick is I get to be the queen. Wait, I’m ALWAYS the queen, so I guess nothing is new here hehe! :P Okay, so I get to be the queen with TWO crowns today! Meaning everyone is at my beck & call –double time! ;)

After emphasizing my cough & looking at him with doe eyes, I managed to get my babyson to skip basketball practice today (no small feat, BTW) to watch this movie with me & his siblings instead, mwahaha!!!

First day showing of No Other Woman!!! ;)
Nothing can make my babyson watch a sissy movie like this
unless he feels super sorry for me hehe! :P
And I’M SICK, so I hold the ACE!!! m/

Unfortunately!!! (Karma?!?) All seats were sold out for both the 5pm & 8pm show!!! :(( Is this movie really THAT good??? @_@ huhuhu… Imma watch this tomorrow, by hook or by crook!!! :P

Only one thing could make up for that disappointment! Sze Schuan noodles at North Park! m/ Nothing but a bowl of steaming hot spicy noodle soup as comfort food for my sore throat, nomnomnom!!!

And of course, we don’t stop with just that. With my hungry hippos, are you kidding??? Every meal with us is a feast! ;))

Wonton noodle soup
Steamed prawn dumplings
China crispy chicken
Salt & Pepper squid
Yang chow fried rice
Stir-fry toasted noodles
The hungry hippos! ;)

Walked off that heavy meal in search of a gift for Ms. Millie, their school guidance counsellor… yes, sucking up, you might say, hahaha! ;P Got her a nice, sosi top from verve in Rustan’s, hope she likes it!

Sleepy??? or bored??? ;))

Dear Ms. Millie… please don’t mark us tardy when we don’t get to school on time…
LOL, jk! :P

Decided to spoil myself a bit & bought this.. it’s not often that I get sick! ;P

Fitflop frou ruffle in Black
We just LOVE town!!! <3 <3 <3
So cozy & laid back…
Passed by contis on the way home, isn’t it amazing how these shops situate themselves near the exits??? ;)) Walang kawala talaga!!! :P

Favorite snack of the kids.. tuna pie, chicken pie & salmon pie.
They can eat 3-4 in one sitting, believe me. 
So I hoarded! :)
Chicken pie for lavinia
Tuna pie for my baby son
Salmon pie for ate!
Yes, they have different favorites so I have to get a variety! @_@ 
Yummy strawberry cheesecake & mango torte
And since we were having cheesecakes for dessert.. what better way to pair it off than with coffee from Starbucks next door? It’s their strategy, I tell ya! ;)

blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Perfect with coffee!!! <3 <3 <3
My happy hippos! ;)

Armed with packages, we all trudge back to the car to finally go home. With no more free hands for other stuff, I didn’t allow any more stopovers! @_@

Goodnight, everyone! Time to look for that medicine for my pesteng ahem!!! @_@ 

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