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I’m so blessed that my kids love each other so much. All 3 love one another equally, but I guess girls being girls, my eldest & my youngest get to bond more frequently, and deeply.

Just last Feb 14, my sweet Ate asked her lil sis to be her Valentine. With matching gift. Naturally, my Lovey got in a tizzy & searched for the best gift to reciprocate. I tell you, they are SO sweet to each other. I must have done something right mothering them! <3

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Nike Park BGC

BGC Bonifacio High Street, Taguig (02) 856 2587 ; (02) 799 9137


Because Ate is always at the gym (ALWAYS!), my Lovey got her several gym outfits. Plus this NIKE personalised workout dry-fit tee. She is SO maabilidad. I didn’t even know there was such a thing!


Saturday morning on the day of St. Valentine, my little girl begged me to take her to NIKE PARK in BGC to have a shirt custom made for her Ate. So I also thought of having one made for MY valentine. ;)

Thinking of what to give that special someone?? Nike PARK BGC does TEE CUSTOMIZATION in a multitude of colors (ok actually 5 lang: teal, red, blue, white & black) for only 1,695 php. Choose the one that suits you or your loved one best.


My blooming dalaga. <3 Wasn’t she just a wee baby when we started my blog??? WHAT HAPPENED???



Yep, the all-knowing KAP KNOWS. Every move I make, every step I take, every breath I make.. lahat nalang alam nya utang na loob! Also available in (name) NEVER STOPS. As in.. JANE NEVER STOPS – EATING!





Nike Shirts available in teal, red, blue, white & black for only 1,695 php. I’m not sure if they accept a bring-your-own-shirt.



NIKE DFCT Tee 1,295 php (dri-fit) Name & Slogan 400 php Well Done in under 10 minutes.



We were lucky that we got there early so this helpful guy was able to finish our custom tees quickly. Done in less than 10 minutes.




Needless to say, our Valentines liked their gifts -a lot! I just wish NIKE would come out with more tag lines to choose from. Like maybe.. (JANE) IS TIRED or (JANE) WANTS MORE CAKE! ;)) Whatdya think?

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