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Pepita’s Lechon invades Diamond Hotel Manila

Dedet dela Fuente has done it again. Another feather on her cap after having invaded London, New York & Singapore with her infamous mantika sa nguso stuffed Pepita’s Lechon, she now brings her babies to Diamond Hotel for a home-grown feel!


Congratulations to Lechon Diva, DEDET DELA FUENTE of Pepita’s Kitchen for being the first Filipina Kusinera to be featured SOLO at the Diamond Hotel Philippines’s Filipino Festival this June for Independence Day. Mabuhay! (Photo & caption belongs to Spanky Enriquez)





Pepita’s Lechon by Pepita’s Kitchen won the TASTIEST FOOD IN ASIA in the second Annual Chowzter Award in London. This is the first international award for Filipino Food by a Global Award giving body. Also, last July 12, 2014 & March 7, 2015  Pepita’s Lechon had a highly successful 1-night stint at Purple Yam New York & Iskinita Cebu Singapore respectively.

For a limited time only from June 3 to 14, 2015, Dedet dela Fuente -the Lechon Diva extraordinaire, will let us sample 3 of her many wonderfully stuffed lechons for only 2,150.00 (lunch) / 2,550.00 dinner.


Pepitas Kitchen serves the BEST of the 3 degustacions in Diamond Hotel’s Celebration of Philippine Independence Day for only P2150 (lunch buffet) and P2550 (dinner buffet). The best way you can experience Pepita’s Kitchen Degustacion. Only from June 3 to 14, 2015

Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Hotel Lobby – Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Ermita, Manila (02) 528-3000


Corniche is all decked out in Filipiniana motif in celebration of Philippine Independence day. We didn’t get the memo & came in matching tropical outfit, teehee.



What best food item to symbolize the Filipino spirit of bayanihan than Lechon, a staple in every Filipino home on just about any occasion. <3



Featuring Pepita’s Stuffed Lechon with Truffle Rice..



and Pepita’s Stuffed Lechon with Sisig Rice.



Mapapakagat-labi at pikit ka talaga sa sarap at linamnam! ;)

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Dedet also (literally) brought to the table some of her much-talked about degustacion favorites..





Her homemade & one-of-a-kind scones with the hundred & one spreads.. (Thomas Butter -Mang tomas with butter, remains t be my all-time fave spread!)



BALUT! I know I shouldn’t but I just couldn’t stop myself! <3 I mean.. BALUT right???



And chicharon, FML! @_@ Guess who’s taking an extra dose of cholesterol pill for the indulgence!




I thought Dedet was just bringing in her little wiggle piggies, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that she also brought in some appetisers & desserts as well!



Chef Miko Aspiras’ collaboration with Dedet. A halo-halo of filipino childhood favorites.

My happy date, and my happy plates..


I love my date nights with Kap. Feeling romantic with a rose tucked behind my ear. #LigawanStage <3 Pardon the wilted look, it was a very hot & humid day and we were both withered by night time.



My Japanese plate & my Filipino plate side by side. How very Independence Day right? :P




My sweet ending to clean (or add more???) all those cholesterol in my bloodstream! Trio of Pepita’s Kitchen Banana, mangga at queso ice cream, Ube, langka at kasuy ice cream, and Buko sorbet. Omnomnom #panghimagas

To read my previous posts on Pepita’s Lechon, CLICK HERE & HEREPepita’s Lechon is available in these many stuffings..

Pepita’s Kitchen

1050 Magallanes Avenue, Legazpi Village, Makati 09178660662; (02) 4254605


Serving: Medium 7 kg. (8-10 pax) 8,000.00 & up; Large 12 kg (12-22 pax) 12,000.00 & up. Price may vary depending on the weight & stuffing: Breakfast (stuffed with sinangag rice with tocino bits and itlog na pula) | Filipino (choice of: binagoongan rice stuffing; rice with salted egg, garlic, and anchovy; laing rice; sisig rice; bicol express; or birthday lechon – stuffed with pansit paranaque) | Chinese (8 treasures: sticky rice, itlog na pula, chorizo macau, chestnuts) | Spanish Manilena (spanish chorizo with tabs ng talangka paella) | French (truffle rice with foie gras stuffing) | Hawaiian (with ham stuffing & sweet pineapple sauce with glaze no the side) | German (stuffed with herbs & whole cloves of garlic, potatoes, lemongrass. No rice) | Japanese (stuffed with japanese curry rice. Mild or hot depending on request) | Vietnamese/Thanh Long (stuffed with crabmeat and garlic noodles) | American/New York (portobello, cheese, and rice). And you can see her complete menu HERE.

Dedet’s Pepita’s Lechon was also a star attraction at the Lifestyle Asia’s 27th anniversary celebration together with other rockstar chefs Robert Bolanos (Raffles/Fairmont); Jordy Navarra (Black Sheep); JP Anglo (Sarsa); & Margarita Fores (Lusso, Grace Park, Cibo). Dedet is indeed going places here & abroad.



On a side note..

Not many of you know that Dedet had a handicapped daughter, Lauren, who passed away 4 years ago & is now an angel watching over her lovely family. So Dedet has a soft spot in her heart for handicap(able) people. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.


Project Wheelchair started when Liyora, Lileya, and their friends sold milo shakes and creme brûlées some years back & were able to raise enough money to buy 4 wheelchairs, 4 pairs of crutches and 3 walkers. This was first of many, and has to date successfully held 2 more charity events.

Here’s an essay by Lileya on her Project Wheelchair for sister Lauren..

“According to the Pilipinas Wheel Chair Foundation, “It is estimated that there are 5.8 Million Filipinos with physical disabilities requiring a wheelchair.” The need for wheelchairs remains to be an ever-present issue. My sister was one of the fortunate few who had their own wheelchair, but for the remaining 800,000 Filipinos, owning a wheelchair remains to be an elusive necessity. The problems of not having a wheelchair when you need one are numerous, mobility being the most important. Being able to move around the city is a daily occurrence and one which is made harder for those who don’t have access to a wheelchair. 

Growing up, I knew the difficulties with mobility as we struggled to transport my sister from place to place. However, we were fortunate enough to be able to do everything we wanted her to do. When traveling, my family and I would always stay behind after all passengers had left as we would need time to prepare my sister’s wheelchair to be able to push her out of the aero plane. 

But it wasn’t all about the challenges. There were also moments of joy and laughter. One example is when my family took a trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland. I can still remember the delight in my sister’s face when we rode Peter Pan’s Flight; and witnessed the grand sets, the stars and the singing. Music was one of her favourite things in the whole world.

Another “Happy Time” for my sister was our visit to the beach for scuba diving. My sister would laugh and would be enchanted by the colours of the ocean as the boat sped away from the coast and into the sea. My sister never actually scuba dived, but she was absolutely entranced by the way the water moved and the vibrations of the boat. It was amazing to see how the simplest of things could make her face light up.

So why am I doing Project Wheelchair? I am doing Project Wheelchair to help raise awareness for the needs of those who are not as fortunate as my family has been. I want to help these people find their “Happy Place” as much as I can. To me, Project Wheelchair symbolizes hope, the hope that one day those who are having hard times now, surrounding their physical disabilities, will be able to find the good and happy times of their lives.”

Just last September 20, 2014, Dedet held another Project Wheelchair fund-raising dinner which featured a 12-course Lechon Degustation -each course presented by the best chefs and pastry bakers in Manila to raise funds for 50 wheelchairs (P3,500 per wheelchair) for the less fortunate disabled people. This project is a continued passion project by Dedet and her two daughters, Lileya and Liyora, dedicated to Lauren. To give a disabled child the gift of mobility. <3


So every time you order a Pepita’s Lechon from Pepita’s Kitchen, you know that you are making one little Pepita in heaven very very happy & proud of her mommah! ;)

Normally, you need to be in a group of 12-15 to book a Lechon Degustacion at Pepita’s Kitchen in Dedet’s posh & lovely Magallanes home. So I suggest that if you are short of the required number of guests, then this 2-week stint at Diamond Hotel is the perfect avenue to sample Dedet’s amazing stuffed lechon ATBP.!

Note: All photos used in this post, aside from the actual Diamond Hotel buffet dinner shots, belong to Dedet dela Fuente of Pepita’s Lechon / Pepita’s Kitchen.

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