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Pepita’s Lechon Degustacion

Truth be told, I was out of my elements when The Bossman had Kap & I over for dinner at Dedet dela Fuente-Santos’ home last Saturday. If you don’t know it yet, Madam Dedet (which I call her with fondness even though she is so simple & down to earth) is THE Lechon Diva. The lady known for her wonderfully stuffed Pepita’s Lechon.


Her guests that night were all distinguished & professional writers. Well known in their field. Whereas I am just someone who writes for a hobby. :P If it were not for the promise of TWO stuffed lechon de leches, I would have made all sorts of excuses not to go.

This is actually Pepita’s 3rd lechon degustacion, and each had a theme. The first was was called PEPITA’s DEGUSTACION. The 2nd one, which Kap & I were invited to, but FORGOT (IKR!), was called HAYOP NA DEGUSTACION where different meats & seafoods were showcased apart from the roast piglet. And this 3rd one introducing 3 new stuffed lechon de leches, was called Dinner at Tiffany’s ala Pepita. A classier, more refined version. All which featured 12 courses. Lalo akong nataranta! :P

Kap & I were supposed to go to the 2nd batch, but I got my wires crossed & mixed up the dates. So that was that, and I thought the ship has sailed. Wala na. But then, another opportunity arose for the 3rd degustacion. And I got really excited because The Bossman said Madam Dedet already tweaked her menu to perfection this 3rd time around. Pepita’s Lechon, it is now or never.


THREE HOURS. That’s how long it took for me to decide on what to wear. I didn’t want to look over-eager & wear something stiff & formal baka akalain nila magre-reyna elena naman ako. But I also didn’t want to look like I didn’t care, or the invitation wasn’t special that I’d throw on something super casual. After 3 hours, I finally settled on a black top & a new skirt. One can never go wrong with a black top. The blow-drying & setting of my hair to give it body & bounce went limp anyway dahil sa isangkatutak at balde-baldeng pawis that came out from every pore of my body in excitement, anticipation, and also trepidation. Halo-halong galak, tuwa, at nerbyos! :P

Madam Dedet met us at the door and ushered Kap & I into her beautiful abode smelling wonderfully of Pepita’s Lechon. Suddenly, all my antsy-ness left. I felt so at home. Her house was very elegant, yet warm & welcoming that I became at ease right away. That, and I could smell the baby lechons roasting a mile away! ;))


Pepita’s Kitchen

1050 Magallanes Avenue, Legazpi Village, Makati.
Contact 0917 8660662 or (02) 4254605

Facebook page:


As was with the previous degustacions, the long table was set up artistically & beautifully with painstaking attention to details!


How wonderful would it be to sit down to a table beautifully arranged every single meal time? <3


Pig & Silver.. it’s like me at Tiffany’s, lels.


I really, really, REALLY wanna have one like this at home too! <3 A collage of commissioned mini-paintings. HOW QUAINT! Must ask the Madam how & where!


Colorful meringues which served as decoration, but also snacks as guests acquainted themselves..

It was a good thing that gangmates Joko & Jeeves were there, along with The Bossman, and Mr. & Mrs. Awesome Planet. At least I knew SOME people. So Kap & I sat close to them & settled in for a very enjoyable night.




That sweet moment. :) Mr. OAP shows his tender side as he lovingly feeds his wife who was tending to the latest addition to their family -a 4th son! <3

The Lechon Diva makes sure that her degustacion is a family & personal thing where you feel their warmth, care, & love for their guests. Not just another hoity-toity pretentious event. She is, like me, very close to her girls and it shows with the way they support & assist her in all her endeavors. There have been numerous instances that our paths have crossed where she had her girls with her. Barkada din slang tunay. :) Here, you will find Lileya playing the harp beautifully, entertaining us. While the younger Liyora was the designated meat slicer. ;)




To get the ball rolling, we were served this Ube/Pandan Cosmopolitan. A Lambanog with special juices. Instead of salt,the martini glass was dipped in a unique ube/pandan salt-like mix that went well with the sweet & flavored lambanog.


Cheers! :)


I love scones. And nothing could have prepared me for this Lechon Scone with Mr. Thomas Butter!


Light & fluffy scone with crispy lechon bits & the butter infused with Mang Tomas sarsa. It’s most certainly not your ordinary appetizer.


Soon enough, the table was a lively bunch happily chewing away.


Course 3 was the Tendoncini Fried Bituka. Tendon with chicharon crumbs with mango atchara dressing.


Followed by the Farmer’s Pasta which is actually salad with it log na pula sauce & wansuy.


In keeping with the theme, this is the South Sea & Pearls. My favourite appetizer among the lot. Shrimps, scallop, and a thousand & one pearls (sago). I love how each dish is made even more special by how it is wonderfully plated & executed. This is indeed, a very exceptional dinner.


Pepita’s Lechon Degustacion is all about Filipino comfort food. And this Lechon Manok proves it. Baked chicken with truffle essence with foie gras & watercress.


To cleanse our palates before the debut of the 2 of 3 new stuffed lechon de leches, we were served KKK from this lovely silver cup…


KKK. Or Kinayod na Katas ng Kondol.


Which we followed by more wine. Mine is the sparkling white, while Kap preferred the stronger red. Can you tell that Kap is very happy with our spectacular dinner date? And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet..


Which is the French Truffle Rice with mushroom & Foie Gras.


Soooo sorry that my photo didn’t do it justice. I did warn you that I write (and take photos) for a hobby, lels. Please, do visit Our Awesome Planet‘s version for better writing & clearer photos.


One of the 2 stars of the night. <3


Kap’s truffle rice.


And see how I’m looking for trouble? Carb-free nga. Todo naman sa cholesterol my crispy balat serving hahaha!


The 2nd star was this 8 Treasure de Leche which I preferred & found more flavorful between the 2. Sticky rice with itlog na pula, chorizo macau and chestnuts. The stuffing is similar to that of machang, are you familiar with that? Maybe that’s why it got my vote.

Collaborating with the Lehon Diva is another diva, the fast-rising Chef Miko Aspiras of the famous Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop over at the new food hall, Hole in The Wall. (More on that on the following post)


The very young & talented Chef Miko Aspiras, former head pastry chef at Raffles & Fairmont Hotel.


Binatog Panna cotta. White maize panacotta. Just the right amount of sweetness. I enjoyed this.


Halo halo, Sapin sapin with langka ice cream. Filo-like pastry with ube chunks.


and finally, another star, if I may say so, this lovely Pinoy Mango Trifle. Mangi mouselline with otap broad, rosquillos, pogo deco, leche flan, pilpit, fresh mangoes & other secret assortment mixed in. <3


Again, I wasn’t able to give justice to this beautiful mess. No excuses, just my apologies. :(


Another confession: I wasn’t expecting to be full. Honestly. You know how degustacion is. It’s SAMPLING. So no way, I thought, that Kap & I will get full. Boy, was I wrong in so many levels. I stayed up half the night kasi hindi ako natunawan sa katakawan ko!

Thank you so much Madam Dedet for having us over to sample Pepita’s Lechon galore. It was certainly one date night that has surpassed many a date nights. That’s for sure.

And thank you Boss Spanky for the invitation. I am a certified foodie. Pagkain muna bago kahihiyan. LELS.


My heartfelt apologies to my friend Joko who was cut off by the waiter who took our photo. In fairness, like me, he isn’t a professional photographer hehe. Secondly, my lens was a macro so kahit mangapitbahay sya at soon pa kami kunan ng litrato, hindi talaga kami magkakasya sa frame. Dear Joko, I love you to bits, please accept my apology.

Pepita’s Lechon De Leche. Crunchy, crispy skin & tasty, tender meat. 2 fiesta meals in 1 order (lechon + filling) with stuffing. Note: stuffings may vary from description depending on availability of the ingredients.

Serving: Medium 7 kg. (8-10 pax)  8,000.00 & up; Large 12 kg (12-22 pax)  12,000.00 & up. Price may vary depending on the weight & stuffing:

– Breakfast (stuffed with sinangag rice with tocino bits and itlog na pula)

– Filipino (choice of: binagoongan rice stuffing; rice with salted egg, garlic, and anchovy; laing rice; sisig rice; bicol express; or birthday lechon – stuffed with pandit paranaque)

– Chinese (8 treasures: sticky rice, itlog na pula, chorizo macau, chestnuts)

– Spanish Manilena (spanish chorizo with tabs ng talangka paella)

– French (truffle rice with foie gras stuffing)

– Hawaiian (with ham stuffing & sweet pineapple sauce with glaze no the side)

– German (stuffed with herbs & whole cloves of garlic, potatoes, lemongrass. No rice)

– Japanese (stuffed with japanese curry rice. Mild or hot depending on request)

– Vietnamese/Thanh Long (stuffed with crabmeat and garlic noodles)

– OR Lechon Cochinillo 4 kilo. smaller lechon cooked the spanish way, no stuffing 5,000.00 & up

NEW: American – New York (portobello, cheese, and rice)

Don’t forget the Super Suman! A whole Suman (Rice Cake) chock full of little treats like Choc nut pieces, pastillas, yema and whole lot more topped with a generous amount of sweetened coconut crème that were Madam Dedet’s favorites while growing up. Super Suman comes in two sizes. The Large at P2500 (15-30 pax) and Small at P1500 (8-12 pax).


Yes. That’s chocnut you see. Along with other filipino delectable favorites like the yema, pastilles, puto, and so much more! <3

Pepita’s Lechon Degustacion

12-Course, 3-hour Degustation Lunch or Dinner at Pepita’s Private Kitchen starts at P3,500 up per person +10% service charge. Minimum of 15 people & strictly by reservation only.  Includes 1 stuffed lechon de leche of your choice.

For more & UPDATED information on Pepita’s Lechon Degustacion and stuffings, do visit their Facebook page or email/call the numbers above to book your reservations, or to order your holiday goodies. Orders must be placed at least 3-5 days in advance and has to be picked up from a location in Makati.

You won’t regret it, I promise. <3

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