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People’s Palace

The zobelloids had their School Fair a couple of weekends ago and had to go to school on a saturday. So DLSZ declared the weekday after, November 25, a “free day” to make up for the saturday attendance. I’m coming to LOVE Zobel more & more! ;P

Because I’ve missed my baby boy so much, I asked him if he could spend some time with is dear old mommah. I was happy when he agreed. <3

We went to Greenbelt because ate recently bought wedge sneakers in topshop & my Lovey liked it so much we made a special trip so she could also get one for herself.

I’ve heard of PEOPLE’s PALACE so much, we decided to go Thai that day & celebrate my babyson’s birthday in advance. I think, by far, this is the best Thai resto we’ve eaten in. Every single morsel, even the dessert, we loved. It’s a bit pricey, but because we were celebrating in advance the birth of one of my most favorite person in the whole wide world, every $ was worth it. <3

People’s PalaceGreenbelt 3

G/F Greenbelt 3-Garden SideEsperanza St

Ayala Center, Makati(02) 729-2888

Son-in-Law’s Eggs (Hard boiled and crispy, sweet fish sauce) 180.00

New prawn appetizer which is not on the menu but suggested to us by our waiter. Goong Sarong 460. Big fat prawns covered in crunchy noodles with sweet chili sauce on the side. <3

The (future) Son-in-Law! :P

Panaeng Curry of Beef (Peanuts, basil, kaffir) 490.00

Stir Fried Chiken and Cashew Nuts (Chili, spring onions) 390.00

Phad Thai (Rice noodle stir-fry, prawns, chicken, tofu, bean sprouts) 390.00

Morning Glory (Crispy Pork Yellow beans, garlic, chili) 280.00
Unlimited Rice 80.00/pax

I love spending the day with the kids. Too bad ate wasn’t able to join us though. </3


Birthday Cake #1: Pavlova Mango and Passion Fruit 290.00

Birthday Cake #2: People’s Palace Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Seed Ice Cream 250.00

Aaaaaannndd a whole lot more when he went on a birthdate with his other beloved! :) Hay naku babyson you are sooooo GO-WAPO mommy is super nangigigiiillll!!! <3

Meanwhile, here is the sneaker wedge that is the latest craze in my girls’ lives! :P

Topshop Sneaker Wedge 4.5k/pop. Can you guess again which one is whose??? ;)
(L) Atlantic Wedge High Tops (Black suede hidden wedge high tops with contrast sole 100% Leather)
(R) Atlantic Wedge Trainers (Multi coloured leather lace up trainers with hidden wedge 100% Leather)

Ate opted for the more elaborate one this time & my Lovey settled for the muted color. One good thing is we they have the same size so we they can share! ;) Methinks ate has a #1 fan in her sister! They are starting to dress so alike! #siblinglove

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