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I don’t normally buy hotel privilege cards coz 1.) It’s a temptation to eat buffet just so you can use the discount card! @_@ 2.) We don’t go to hotels that often so we won’t get to use the cards that much, and 3.) Sayang ang pera!

But since ate is having her debut there, and Salon de Ning doesn’t provide REAL food (more of cocktails), I have to move the adult guests to Escolta for dinner after the program. Jahe naman to make them Treasures, then not feed them tapos magbigay ng regalo hehe! :P

The old world grandeur of the Escolta district is relived in Manila’s newest dining destination. Escolta features a vibrant open-plan kitchen, live-action stations, home-baked breads, fresh pastas, hand-rolled sushi, charcuterie, Chinese noodles, carving stations, artisanal ice creams plus a β€œfarm-to-table” concept that highlights fresh produce and favorite Filipino dishes. It has a video art wall and an aviation-themed private room.

Plus, we need to book a hotel room for the make-up, dressing up, storage, etc. And also so we’re not too stressed transporting everything back home right after the party. The best thing actually??? Ate can open all her gifts & leave the wrappers and kalat and I don’t have to pick up after her at all, haha -sorry housekeeping! ;P

A superior (regular) room costs 6,5k. A privilege PEN card costs 9k, and that includes a superior (regular) room already, a complimentary breakfast for 2, also a lunch/dinner for 2, 1 wine, 1 cake, 4 complimentary drinks at SDN, and the discount card itself. 50% off for 2 people. You get 1/3 off the price for 3 people dining together -1/4 for 4 people dining together. 1/5 for 5 people dining together, and 20% off for 6 people & above. Now that’s what I call a good deal -only because I get a room out of it & 5 vouchers of 50% off for 2 people (member for a day) -as long as there’s a small gap between seats so it looks like you are not together haha. (Hey, their idea to help me save, not mine!) ;)

Superior Room
Tall, dark and handsome is the first impression of a guest on entering a Peninsula Manila room. Here, form and function unite in the hotel room you’ve always dreamed of. Sleek furniture makes the rooms appear larger, big beds and the softest pillows guarantee complete comfort, while push button technology means everything can be controlled by just lifting a finger.

All I did was pay an additional 2k to upgrade our room to a bigger one with 2 double beds & a small sitting area so it’s not too crowded for all 5 us.

Deluxe Room
More spacious than the Superior Room, hit the flat plasma screen television remote control, flick through the numerous channels and sink back into the unbelievably comfortable deep pillows and soft bolsters. Simply enjoy the convenience and pleasing lines of the slim dark wood furnishings. Practical features mean lights, television, and air-conditioning are all controlled from one bedside panel.

I wanted to upgrade another level but they don’t allow it anymore, so we would just have to make do. And no, I am not getting another room -that’s what air beds are for! :P

I got a HUGE discount too for using the members for a day vouchers (50% off for 10 guests or buy-take-1) for the dinner at Escolta on the event itself.

If you’re interested in availing of a PEN card, do call Jonathan Camus at 0917-5862368. He was sooo helpful (and delightful). I don’t know what I would have done without his assistance.

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