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Paul French Bakery Restaurant (Paul Boulangerie)

Spot on the last day of work before the long holy weekend (April 15, Holy Thursday), the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) decided to close down EDSA to conduct  repair and re-blocking of some 80,775 square meters of the 23.8 kilometer-long busy road.

That, coupled with our mega overtime at the Nail Salon, made us very very late for our dinner date with my 2 favorite R’s.. RICHARD  & RICHIE, and their awesome families! <3 I kept apologizing when our supposed early dinner at 6 was pushed to 8PM because every route we took we experienced major traffic.

Many thanks to the new phone app (traffic guide) WAZE, we were able to re-route & go through roads that were somewhat more tolerable & had less traffic. It even tells you if there is a police ahead. For now, I can’t say if that’s a good thing or bad. Lemme mull it over & I’ll get back to you on that. :)

When we got to PAUL, our dinner dates were almost done eating. Which was totally understandable. It’s so hard to stay in a room full of wonderful aromas of freshly baked bread & hot-plated food and not eat anything! Plus, it was way past dinner time & they’ve been sitting, stewing for 2 long hours waiting for us to finally get there. SO SO VERY SORREH!


SM Aura Premier
26th Corner McKinley Parkway Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1630
Telephone: +632 808-5324










I like the posh interiors of the restaurant. It doesn’t feel like you’re in an SM mall. :P


I’ve been meaning to eat here whenever the girls come to shop at their favorite stores. But we always get sidetracked somewhere else. So when R & R asked me which restaurant caught my fancy, I immediately requested PAUL’s & hoped that they haven’t eaten here as well. :) They were both so very nice to give in to my request. Which is why I just love them to bits! <3


Saute de Poulet aux Champignons 310 php. Roasted chicken chunks in a sauteed creamy mushroom sauce. Served with generous slices of Paul’s country bread to dip in.


Croque Madame 420 php. Farmer’s ham, emmenthal cheese, cream, pain de mie, topped with a fried egg.


Tartine Beouf 280 php. Delicious sauteed beef, onions, fresh mushrooms & leeks, topped with melted cheddar cheese & garnished with seasonal side salad. Served warm.


Cuisse de Poulet rotie 310 php. Roasted chicken leg with herbs, served with salad, sauteed potatoes & shallots.


Piece de Boeuf 720 php. Beef striploin served with salad, sauteed potatoes & shallots.


The happy, food-sated bunch! :) This quiet dinner hit the spot after a nerve-wracking chase around town to dodge traffic & find the best way to get from QC to BGC. Never again will I lagare! :P



Paul specializes in artisanal bread so make sure you grab some on your way out.


Me & carbs. We’re BFFs! <3


I’m really happy that I’ve gotten considerably close to these bunch of nice people whom I share the same passion.. food & writing. Once in a while, it’s nice to connect, share experiences & compare notes. Si Kap kasi, hindi maka-relate! :P

Thank you again Richie, Richard, and families for waiting for us & staying for dinner in spite of the wait. Mealtimes with you guys are always entertaining & fun! :-*

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