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Patricio’s Cevicheria

As you might already know, I’m really not very fond of Filipino food. The reason is 1) our helper cooks mean Filipino dishes, so it’s pointless to eat out when that’s all we eat at home –masarap pa. Why pay good money for something we could eat for free at home, right? 2) Filipino food = Rice, rice, and more RICE! And I’m keeping away from carbs as far as I possibly can! :P Filipino food has sarsa, and lots of it. Filipino food is maalat, and definitely needs to be eaten with rice. So, pass please.

BUT. Yep, there’s a big BUT coming. BUT, PATRICIO’S CEVICHERIA is not your usual Filipino restaurant. Sure, it specializes in a Filipino favorite KINILAW, but this restaurant is so much more than just food stewed in vinegar.




To know more about CEVICHE, CLICK HERE for a video on PATRICIO’s CEVICHERIA & what it’s all about.


Phone: 02 9987274, +63 9178508817
Address: 28 Bayani Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Pat is a PAL Pilot but helps his wife whenever he is around. Pia is SUPER hands on. She cooks, she marinates, she serves, she entertains. Now that’s what I call Jack of all trades!


Pia’s new recipe, the Lechon Jam. Now available for sale in handy bottles.


Lomo Saltado 245 php. Spicy stir-fried beef marinated with Aji Amarillo peppers on a bed of mashed potatoes, sweet onions & fried potato wedges, served with long grain rice.


Pollo Frito 165 php. Pan-fried chicken with a unique sweet & spicy peruvian sauce.


Lechon Flakes 100 php. Pork flakes served with house special vinegar on the side.


Picadillo 100 php. Ground beef on tomato sauce with olives & peppers served with long grain rice.


Chicharones 230 php. Lechon kawali, an old family recipe by the Roa’s that blends the taste of Lechon with the crunchiness of the Chicharon.

Patricio’s Cevicheria specializes in, of course, (peruvian) CEVICHE, but also (hawaiian) Poke, lechon, & kinilaw. It is the first & only authentic Kinilaw restaurant in the Philippines & is the brainchild of husband & wife team PATRICK & PIA ROA. They use only sukang tuba, not the usual industrial vinegar & sources all-authentic ingredients from regions natural to each dish.
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