Pasyal Galore!

Was supposed to go on a “manila date” with my Hunny. Manila date meaning china town date a.k.a. the 500-peso date challenge! ;P

Unfortunately, ate had the worst case of sniffles & sore throat, so I opted to stay behind & “take care” (read: pasyal galore!) of her while my hunny pie went off on his own as he had to buy car parts.

It’s super hot in her school (no aircon -very minimal fans!!), so even though ate was kicking & raring to go, I put my foot down & told her to just stay home or she’ll just end up worse. She’s just going to feel sick the whole day and contaminate her classmates. And it’s uncomfortable sneezing the whole day & coping with a runny nose paButi na lang she agreed! I don’t know what’s with my kids. They just LOVE school!!! I must be missing something! ;))

Since it’s rare that we get to be alone, I took her out for lunch. She does have to eat you know! ;) We went to Red Kimono, she wanted something “soupy” kasi, & they had sukiyaki. Not the best, but still better than just plain lugaw at home! :P

I wanted Cyma sana because I haven’t blogged about that yet hehe, but ate reminded me of my promise to myself.. what I really wanted to eat vs. what I wanted to post! ;P

We shared these.. although I think we would have saved more if we just ordered ala carte! ;P (???)

Salmon & cream cheese maki 
Spicy tekka maki
Crunchy tuna maki
Futo maki
Prawn tempura
Ube halo-halo (which was not part of the eat-all-you-can menu) that had no laman!!!
Complimentary vanilla ice cream

We were both soooooo sleepy after our heavy meal, but sayang naman the aircon at home haha!! :P (You wouldn’t believe my electric bill!!! @_@) We decided to just stay in the movie house to nap & kill time while we waited for the 2 kids to finish school. Ganun din naman we will just watch tv at home.  However, we couldn’t nap because this was just tooooooo funny & cute!!! <3 <3 <3 (Warning to parents: this should be R18! Too many bed, kissing & naked scenes!!!)

Friends with Benefits

On our way home, we bought pasalubong/meryenda for the 2 kids..

And made a quick stop to a tela shop yipee!!! <3 <3 <3 Most of my tops I have custom made since I’m too “sexy” for store sizes! ;P I’m really a suki here already! ;))

Found another animal print (my favorite, RAWR!) that I just gotta have!!! <3 <3 <3
So.. how was your day??? :)
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