Pasyal Galore, again!

The kids were half day today, and of course me being me, you know what that means, right??? ;) After lunch, and after making sure they did their homeworks first, we went to makati. Yes, MAKATI!!! Uh-huh.. I droooooovvveeee! ;)

This is my babyson’s project, haha!!
I can’t believe he can sew!!! :)
He calls this SWAG DOWNGRADE to his macho image hehe!

With my trusty “GPS” by my side (my baby son, who else?), I was sure that we would get back home right this time, haha! :P

I suggested high tea at the Pen since my baby son hasn’t tried it yet. But my kids had a different agenda in mind! @_@ Kaya pala they were insistent that we go to makati today was because they wanted to SHOP! Manipulative kids!!! :D

Their favorite store!!! @_@
Ate in accessories heaven! :P
Oh, this is one of her purchases!
I love the color, but I’m hating the heels!
Ate, are you sure you can handle this??? @_@
2 words.. VARICOSE VEINS! :P
Where he will wear this, I ‘ll never know!
Ang init sa maynila, noh! :P
Happily looking for tops! :)
Vans half cab in limited edition RED at GreyOne Social
First of all, he’s not even a skater!!!
(Oh, and you WILL NEVER BE, ha!!! Pang-porma na lang please!) @_@
Proudly showing that I reached GB, hahaha! ;))

Having done respectable damage to my credit card, we had “breakfast” for dinner at HEAVEN & EGGS. I was so happy to eat somewhere new!!! (well at least for us it was new, haha!) And in makati to boot! ;)

Another revamped restaurant under The Red Crab Group, Heaven ‘n Eggs Rock ‘n Roll brings you great tasting dishes that’ll keep you head banging for more!
It offers an all-day breakfast menu, making sure that you’re never too late to enjoy a pancake drizzled with sweet syrup any time of the day!
For moments you’d just like to sit back, relax and enjoy a heavenly meal, Heaven ‘n Eggs also has your all-time favorite classic comfort foods. 
Loved the names of the food, soooo cute!!! :)

Salmon le Bon 335.00
(salmon strips with egg on toasted half bagel)

Obama Slammer 385.00
(pancakes, spam, beef tapa, scrambled eggs with mushroom, bacon)

US Angus Tapa 295.00
My food! <3
Head Banger’s 235.00
(Beef tapa omelette with garlic rice)
I’m so addicted to the kids!!!
I’m happy to always be with them that I don’t have time for a social life! I miss them too much when they’re in school!!! :P

Then went to S&R to buy some after-school snacks and baon for school.

We thrive on junk food! ;)

I was really really drained by the time we got home. Was up late last night ’til 3:30 in the morning watching the latest HOUSE series! Then had to get up early to take the kids to school. Didn’t have time to nap since I had to buy ensaymada (will post pictures next time) from palms to “suck up” to the principal so she’ll accept the group SOP hehe! ;)

My eyelids are really closing already & I have a busy day again tomorrow chaperoning Lovey & her class to a museum in taguig.

Goodnight, see ya! :-*

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