Park Avenue Desserts

I had the worst case of chocolate craving today. I don’t know why. After I read ate’s post, I finally figured it out haha.

I don’t know if you will believe me, but ate & I have the weirdest brainwaves ever. Like the other day she ate fries for lunch, all of a sudden I texted her in the mid afterrnoon to please buy me fries on her way home. She asked me if her post that day made me crave. I haven’t even read it when my craving for fries came about.

Other times it was about clothes or shops that she wants to go to & I would suggest it just as she was thinking about it. Sometimes we finish each other’s sentences or think the exact same though. And! She seems to know EXACTLY when I’m about to do something bad & she would stop me immediately (yes, I’m the child in our relationship). It’s so eerily weird! @_@

Also, when she’s feeling stressed, or sad, or angry, I always seem to hit right on. I told her kanina we must have been twins in our past lives haha that’s why we have this connection.

Got this from her. She saves our conversations haha! :P 

But going back to the chocolates (sorry I have A.D.D. haha), she saw a picture on instagram yesterday & though of buying it for me as pasalubong. She must have been thinking about it the whole day coz I swear to you, I had the strongest craving the whole afternoon that I actually texted her about it.

Look at what my sweetness bought for me as a surprise!! <3

Park Avenue Desserts chocolates! <3
#7 G/F Maga Center
Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati
Eiffel tower-shaped Milk Chocolate
Skull-shaped Praline chocolate! <3 
yummy chocolate-y goodness inside! <3

That really hit the spot, ate! Thank you soooo much. Love you, mwah! :-*

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