Parenting (part 2) – Build Positive Relationships

I was really glad to see another video presentation of Pastor Tan-Chi this morning at worship. How lovely it would be if he can be our speaker even for at least once or twice a month, but he is very busy so even the video was a delight.

Peter Tan-Chi is the head pastor of Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF).
It’s always a joy & a blessing to hear God’s words flow through him.
Unfortunately, he is assigned to CCF St. Francis Square in Ortigas.
But once in a while, he visits our church.

I’m doubly glad that the kids were with us (we always take them along, but summertime we just allowed them to sleep in since they go to sleep soooo very late!) because his message was very interesting & hit too close to home.

His message today was a continuation of the father’s day message. Build Positive Relationships: Connect. Communicate. Compliment. Here’s a link. (choose the youtube player) and he stressed the need for parents to learn to LISTEN MORE, TALK LESS.

I grew up with a single parent. An extremely BUSY & accomplished mother who had me late in life (she was almost 40 when she had me, huge age gap!) and who TALKED more than listened. So I grew up with a HUGE communication gap. I learned early on to just stay quiet because voicing out never got me anywhere. I kept everything bottled up inside that there was a lot of room for resentment to grow. Now, I don’t even know where to begin with her & talking seems just impossible. Whenever the kids & I visit her, I just stay in a corner & read a book because I never was able to open up to her. Doing so meant endless sermons & lectures from her end even before I could finish saying what was on my mind.. or in my heart.

In spite of everything, I do love my Mom with all my heart & I will always be eternally grateful to her for bringing me up single-handedly, the best way she knew how. As parents, that’s all we can do.

So when I had a family of my own, I vowed to let my kids have free speech (but now I think they have TOO MUCH free speech! ;P Also, I made it my life’s mission to make the kids MY MISSION in life.. to be ready & available 24/7. I think the kids now feel like I’m always in their face! ;P

Anyway, gong back to the sermon, I think it finally hit a nerve with my honey pie haha coz as soon as we were in the car, He made arrangements to make lasagna with our baby girl. HALLELUJAH!!! :))

So here he is with our lovey, CONNECTING, COMMUNICATING, and COMPLIMENTING!!! My heart is bursting with love for my man! ;)

“Firsts” need documenting!!! ;P peechur-peechur!!!

One on one with Daddy! <3
This will probably the BEST lasagna ever!!! ;)

My baby bonding with dad. Dare we make this into a WEEKLY thing??? ;)
Adding final touches together.

Best lasagna ever!!! Made with love <3
Happy faces.

Ingrained in my memory bank forever. I hope in lovey’s too! <3

Thank you so much, Honey! <3 You don’t know how much you made our baby happy today! Plus now we have pictures to blackmail her with when we’re old & gray and she’s too busy to visit us, hahaha! :-*

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