For Christmas, their aunt & cousins gave the girls matching bracelets from PANDORA. If you don’t know it yet, Pandora is very popular now because it is endorsed by the very controversial Miley Cyrus. :P





First off, Pandora is not as cheap as I hoped it would be! :P A bracelet alone costs 6-8k depending on the size. And that is only for sterling silver. The gold bracelets cost over 160,000.00! Oh yes. The sterling silver charms range anywhere from 1,800 php to 3,600 php. And the spacers aren’t even included. Spacers are the ones you put in between charms to make them stand out even more & so they don’t overlap.


Before school started, we had plenty of time to go places. We went to Shangrila Plaza Mall to look at charms..




The gold bracelet (no charms yet) cost 160,000.00 php up! @_@
The Pandora bracelets come in Silver, Gold, Fabric or Leather.


The silver bracelets cost from 6-8k up depending on the size.


Girls & their love affair with accessories! :P


Ate’s choices: Scorpio zodiac sign charm (1,800 php), a daisy (3,800 php), a Medical Doctor symbol (3,800 php), and 4 spacers (1,200 php each)


My Lovey’s choices: Mouse on coffee cup 1,600 php, Cupcake 3,800 php, Unicorn 3,800 php, a Fairy Tale Book 1,600 php, & 4 spacers (1,200 each). She’s more on the whimsical side.



The customers kept coming in non-stop. You’d think the charms were free with the way they were being sold left & right! :P


The bracelets have a lifetime cleaning warranty. And can be bought in installment depending on your credit card at 6 months 0% interest.


It will also take a lifetime to fill those bracelets with charms! Uugod-ugod na ako I still won’t be able to afford filling ’em up with bling after bling. WALA BANG SPONSORS??? ;P

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