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Pamana Restaurant

Do you still remember the Super Friends? My shala but makunat Alabang group? :P It’s been a while since we all last bonded. The kids are actually the glue that holds us together, but since they got busy with college & life in general, we’d see each other once in a blue moon, if that.

For Judith’s birthday, she requested that we free up a day so we could spend it together. No kids, just the oldies, for some QT & serious catching up. The men are tennis buds & would see each other in the court at least once or twice a week. But the ladies, more infrequent because we are always pulled in different directions. And as you know, it’s also hard to tear me away from the fambam. I only go when Kap or the kids are also coming along, I like spending my time with them. On my own, I don’t really mingle.


Having you get reacquainted with the Super Friends! ;) Rolly & Jojo, with wives Marita & Judith.



It’s nice having someone else drive. Kap & I can relax & play footsies at the back with no interruption! :P Say hello to my crispy pata!

Judith decided on a whole day trip to Tagaytay. Once a year, so I couldn’t say no. Good thing my Babyson can drive the girls around, so my mind is at ease. Although of course I couldn’t rely on him 100% at madami ring kaganapan sa buhay ang binata ko.

The Dayrits brought us to Pamana Restaurant in Tagaytay. They are close family friends with the Ongpauco owners. I was rejoicing inwardly –pero syemore pakipot, when I heard the name because I read about it in some blogs & the place is really really nice. Filipino food is filipino food, no matter how they serve it, bulalo is bulalo. Kare-kare is kare-kare, but the ambience, now that makes the world of a difference! <3

Pamana Restaurant

Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City, Cavite (046) 413-1885 ; 0922-8592703

Pamana Restaurant is not new at all, it’s just new to me. It has already sprouted to 4 branches aside from the one in Tagaytay. Boracay Station 1, Greenbelt Mansion, Mother Ignacia in QC, and Baguio City. I’ve been meaning to, but you know, Filipino food & all. :P



There is one long table upon entering. I would have been fine dining downstairs coz it meant no neighbors. But they preferred the upstairs seating.



I wanted to buy a beautiful bayong for 850 pesos, but it was too small. Whatever can I put in it right?

Pamana Restaurant offers Filipino cuisine based on secret family recipes handed down to Happy Ongpauco, a third generation member of the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Clan.

Her parents Rod Ongpauco and Liberty Ilagan are really into the food business with Barrio Fiesta, Bakahan at Manukan, Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp., and Isdaan leading the pack. The Ongpauco group is the word when it comes to Filipino cuisine.


Pamana Restaurant is just one part of the Happy Concept Group by HAPPY ONGPAUCO-TIU . She is not only pretty but also maabilidad. Read HERE how her business grew from her own resources, without having to rely on her parents for support.

A great view overlooking Taal Lake adds to Pamana Restaurant‘s charm. Dine al fresco to take advantage of the crisp, cool weather & charming scenery.


But first, lemme take a selfie! :P


I guess the waiter knows a camwhore when he sees one, coz he immediately brought this out. Of course, I squealed in delight. Coz.. PROPS!



Actually it’s a two-fie. <3



And also a groupfie! :P Ate! My new foundation is still seriously SO WHITE! Para akong nasabugan ng harina hahaha! We have to look for other possibilities for mah fez!

The Tagaytay air certainly brings out the appetite, don’t you agree? I was starving when we got there at 12 noon & if it were up to me, I would have ordered everything on the menu. The price point is competitive, Kap would be happy had he been the one footing the bill haha.

Jojo & Judith ordered the following for 6 of us to share:



Bulalo soup. (Veggies only) 240 php.



Baked Bone Marrow 220 php.



Legazpi Laing 240 php.



Original Kare-Kare 398 php.



Original Crispy Pata 630 php.



Sizzling Sisig 280 php.



Sinangag na Kanin 120 php/bowl (good for 2-3). We got 3 bowls. Ubos.



The oldies but goodies enjoying a happy lunch by the Happy concept. ;)



Puto Bumbong 80 php.



Palitaw 65 php.



Halata bang gutom? Parang hindi naman! ;))



Our bill came to less than 3k. It’s like around 500/person. Not bad, right?

Happy Birthday, Judith! <3

PicMonkey Collage_judith

Dear Judith, may you have all the fortune & strength to carry on in the game of life. Happy happy birthday!



Pucker up! One birthday kiss coming up! :-*

The gift.. The Judith!

PicMonkey Collagej1

I don’t know if this gift is more for Jojo than Judith. Men & their toys! :P


PicMonkey Collagej2

The smell of the fiberglass & solutions were really too overwhelming. Ang kinalabasan.. Hika galore si Sugar & Spice!

So now, the next time we go on a water adventure. Expect to see not 1, not 2, but THREE boats. Hay. Men! @_@


At ang lagi kong kulelat na asawa haha. May kasabihan, huli man daw at maliit, naihahabol din. Go Kap my Kap! ;))

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