‘Tis the season to be jolly falalalala-lalalala.. Eh, got caught up in the CHRISTmas spirit. I meant to say ‘Tis the season for (drumroll please..) DEBUTS!!! ;))

Ate’s friend Angela is also turning 18 on february, so we joined her in scouting for HIP & IN bars in the metropolis. We invaded PALLADIUM the other day…

My twinnies! <3
This is the 3rd floor. 3rd floor BELOW the ground floor (entrance).
To access this area, you have to go through 2 long winding stairways.
Good luck to ladies in heels. There is NO elevator to save you! @_@ 
The area is nice though.
200 minimum consumable to rent this place until 11 PM. Then it opens to the public.
Normal weekend capacity reaches 800 pax.

All tables require a minimum consumable that ranges from 5k up.
No, this table is worth WAY more! ;))
5k worth is a small table with 4 bar stools.
If you don’t mind standing then no problemo hehe. 
Vogue is on the 2nd floor (1 floor below the ground floor)
80k minimum consumable to rent this place.
They have a choice between 1,2k (pica) & 1,5k (dinner buffet) for food with drink packages.
Can accommodate 120 guests. 

The kids are going back this saturday night for a “feel”. Hopefully I can steal some photos from ate to show you, haha! :P Toodles!

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