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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 17

I’m super excited to write this post for 2 things. 1.) My blood results came back and after 4 months on my PALEO MANILA diet, my blood sugar level went down from 220 to 180! Yay! I know it’s still high, but in time -and if I stick to my no-carb/no-sugar diet (well, with a little cheats here & there), I may well be on the way to recovery & maybe the need for insulin won’t keep cropping up. 2.) Paleo Manila delivered super cute food for the whole Halloween week. Eating diet food has never been more fun! \m/

But first things first. My BEFORE & AFTER blood chemistry results. Can you see the difference in my blood sugar level? Admittedly, the cholesterol level is still high so I’m still on maintenance meds, but with a mostly all-meat diet to replace my carb intake & keep me full in the process, I really don’t know to bring it down. But overall, I’m still very happy with my blood results. Paleo Manila succeeded in bringing down my blood sugar levels, which is why I’m on it in the first place. For health benefits more than aesthetic purposes.

photo 4

BEFORE: Blood Sugar 226.



AFTER: Blood Sugar 179.

I just have a confession to make. One that I’m very ashamed to admit, and one that I owe my Paleo Manila family a huge apology for. I’ve been too comfortable with losing weight that on my 4th month, I began “tasting” sinful food again. So there’ a temporary setback. I didn’t lose any weight this month. I know I have let all of you down. I have let myself down too. But most of all, I have let my Paleo Manila family down after they invested so much in me. I became too kampante that I became foolish. I let my guard down. I thought I would still continue to lose weight as long as I just tasted bits & pieces here & there. I’m only human, and I became weak in facing adversity & gave in to my carnal desire. Moral lesson of the story, when you do something, there is NO half way. Either you do it & commit 100% or don’t do it at all. Clean & healthy living does not have an expiration date. It’s a lifestyle -a forever kind of thing. And for that, I am truly sorry. :'(


I truly am sorry Isabelle, Gen & Trisha (not in photo) for letting my guard down, and in the process, letting YOU down. I promise to get right back on the track. With you still believing in me. I CAN DO IT. I did it once, I will do it again -cold turkey.

My promise: I will really stick to my Paleo Manila meals these coming weeks & I will do my best to stay on the path that will lead me to a better, fitter me. I won’t let you down again.

My Week 17 Paleo Manila Food Diary:

Chemicals, n: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made. YES, ALL Paleo Manila meals are devoid of this. Manifest yourself in good health 10 years from now and let PALEO MANILA guide you in achieving it – the tastiest way possible! One meal at a time.

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Day 1 : MONDAY / 10 27 2014. Breakfast : Paleo Manila Super Rainbow Breakfast Salad. Snack : Paleo Manila Power Meatza Bites. Lunch : Paleo Manila Mahi-Mahi Fish with Mixed Fruit Salsa. Snack : Paleo Manila Pinoy-Style Salted Egg Bibingka. Dinner : Paleo Manila Ginger Pork with Stir-Fry Cauliflower Florets.


Guess who just joined the bandwagon? :) All-around sports enthusiasts and health buff triathletes Marc Nelson & Rovilson Fernandez. They know how important making the right food choices are to fuel their active lifestyles. Besides working out, a solid sports nutrition meal plan supports their training and improves their overall performance — all while promoting longterm health and wellness. Eating the right food allows their body to adapt to training, and helps them recover after exercise as well as attain peak performance.


Day 2 : TUESDAY / 10 28 2014. Breakfast : Paleo Manila The Butchery’s Sausage Egg McMuffins with Spiced Apple Chutney. Snack : Paleo Manila Saigon Chicken Balls. Lunch : Paleo Manila Cumin-braised Chicken & Baked Ratatouille. Snack : Paleo Manila Moist Banana Berry Muffin. Dinner : Paleo Manila Hole in the Wall Banh


Day 3 : WEDNESDAY / 10 29 2014. Breakfast : Paleo Manila Skinny Savory Meatloaf Cupcakes. Snack : Paleo Manila Overnight Coconut Mango Chia Pudding. Lunch : Paleo Manila Cuban-style Roasted Pork with Fried Plantains & Mojo Glaze. Snack : Paleo Manila Pulled Pork Tamales. Dinner : Paleo Manila Hainanese-style Chicken with Ginger & Sticky “soy” Sauce with Asian Greens.


Day 4 : THURSDAY / 10 30 2014. Breakfast : Huevos Rancheros with Oven Toasted Tomato Sauce. Snack : Guilt-Free Mojito Muffin. Lunch : Not-Your-Traditional Shepherd’s Pie. Snack : Caramelized Curried Nuts. Dinner : Black Pepper & Honey Pork Steaks with Stir-Fry Vegetables.


Day 5 : FRIDAY / 10 31 2014. “Awoooo-lloween Paleo Manila ☠ Surprise Special” Breakfast : Modern Witches’ Cinnamon-Apple Pie French Toast Bites. Snack : Hallows’ Eve Deviled Eggs. Lunch : Highway Hitman’s Adobo-Style Short Ribs with “Innards” of Pumpkin Brew and Roasted Garlic. Snack : Grandma’s Rotting Dentures. Dinner : Paleo Manila Leprechauns’ Chicken Fingers with Sweet Potato Sticks.

And now, serious mode. Back to my fighting form. I really can’t afford to backslide again, not when everything is turning out great for me & my health. So help me God.


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