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My Paleo Manila Diet: Week 12

3 months! 7 days a week of clean & healthy living. Tears streaming down my eyes as I bring you this result. All because of my Paleo Manila family! Thank you so much Isabelle Chiang, Trisha Nicole Lee, and  Genevieve Gabionza for making this possible. You have caused the change in me from the inside out.


30 lbs. down! 30 more to go by December!


30 lbs


I can do this, you betcha! Not that I’m anti-fat. I’m a Plus-Size gal. I’ve always been, and I will always be. But what I’m pushing here is NOT the size. But the health benefits of losing excess weight. I am never, and I will never go for the anorexic figure. I love soft & curvy. I’m all for rotund. But I also want to be healthy for my family. This is the first & foremost reason why I went into my Paleo Mania diet. Everything else is just icing on the cake.


photo 1

I’ll always be FAT & FAB. I just wanna be healthy too. <3


At first, I was really embarrassed to put my weight here for all to see. Not because I’ve grown so heavy. But because I failed to take care of myself. I let myself go & get this unhealthy. My gosh. 230 lbs. & piling! @_@ What happened to the Jane who was so vain & always wanted to look her best?

Now, with the help of my Paleo Manila family, I am slowly but surely finding myself again. I am starting to take care of my appearance again. Who says fat can’t be beautiful? In fact, I’m not ashamed to call myself fat. FAT is not an ugly word. Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. But more than that, I NEED to be fit. I’m turning 46 in a couple of months. And my goal is to weigh at least 160 lbs. and see where I go from there. I’m hoping that with my new fitter body, I can do more things with Kap & the kids. Things I’ve been holding off from, I’m hoping I can do this time around. I’ve been punishing them alongside myself by not participating in activities they like because I’m too heavy & unfit. It’s time to put a stop to that & start enjoying life again to the max.


photo 4

At 200 lbs. I’m still hefty. My tummy is still bulging, my face is still round, I still have back boobs, lel. But at least I’m not huffing & puffing anymore when I walk long distances. I’m hoping that weighing under 200 lbs. will give me a more quality way of living. <3


My Paleo Manila Week 12 Food Diary..


photo 2

Week 12! <3


photo 1 copy

Day 1. Clockwise from left: Huevos Rancheros with oven-roasted tomato sauce (ok), Bo Kho crockpot spicy beef stew (yum!), Sicilian sea salt calamari salad (not in photo -yum) & Banana nut cranberry muffin (omg YUM!), and Oregano chicken with roasted vegetables (yum!).


Day 2. Clockwise from left: Dauphinoise with homemade aioli (ok), Salisbury steak sliders with mushroom gravy (good), Oven-baked spiced Tato & yuma fries with curry dip (not in photo, ok) & Gluten-free Apple brownie sponge cake (omg Yum!) and The Butchery’s chicken masala sausage, wok-fried caulirice with roasted vegetables in tomato curry sauce (yum!).











Day 3. Clockwise from left: Super Rainbow Salad with Pan-Seared Chicken Breast Fillets (ok), Dirty Blackened Cajun Tuna with Mexicaulirice (omg yum!), Angel’s Snowflake Coconut Cake (omg, yum!) & Pulled Pork Tamales (not in photo, ok), and Herbed Tuscan Grilled Pork Steak (yum!).


Day 4. Clockwise from left: Chunky chorizo crumble with egg & sautéed spinach (yum), Oven-baked fish in roasted pomodoro with zoodles (omg yum!), Orange nut bread (ohm yum!) & Raw cacao power bliss balls (omg yum!), and Honey lime sesame chicken drumsticks (yum!).



Day 5. Clockwise from left: Savory herbed egg & tomato muffins (good), Chicken sisig with fried onions (yum), Sweet potation dates-stuffed omelette (yum) & Country-style raisin bread (ok), and Korean grilled pork with seafood pajeon (yum!).


Thank you so much to my family -Kap, Ate, my Babyson, and my Lovey for pushing me, for believing in me, for accepting me through literally thick & (hopefully soon) thin. I am doing this for YOU because I want to live long.. For YOU! (and so Kap doesn’t re-marry an FHM mowdel & give you an evil stepmother who will take all my bags & jewelries & leave you with nothing. NOTHING!!) :P

To my Paleo Manila family. I know I can’t have forever with you. I need to learn to stand on my own, to test my wings and learn to fly. But hopefully, that will be a little longer in coming. And hopefully by that time, I won’t fall. I will forever be thankful for your support & faith in me. You have invested a lot. I can’t thank you enough for what you have started in me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, PALEO MANILA will always be etched in my heart. And I will always be grateful for these past 3 months of unwavering support & amazing results!


Thank you PALEO MANILA! <3

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