Palarong Pinoy!

Every year, my kids’ school has this fun but tiring Palarong Pinoy where all the events are original filipino games. This year we are THE BLUE SHARKS! ;) I’m one proud mama.. my babyson is the TEAM CAPTAIN yippee!!! And ate’s artwork was used for their team banner. Proud, proud, proud I tell ya! <3

Ate’s artwork. <3
Kainis, sayang I wasn’t able to take a pic of ate holding up her banner! :((
In our trusty golfcart, going to school.
Parking is crazy when the school has one of it’s events.
So our golfcart saves us the trouble of looking for a parking space! :)
Cam-whoring, as usual! hehehe! :P
The loves of my Life!!! <3 <3 <3
Go BLUE TEAM!!! :)
My babyson’s “tat”! :P
Ate “primping” him up for the “war” games! ;))
How gwapo my babyson! <3
The team captain leading The Blue Sharks! ;)
With their cheer..
My lavinia & the rest of the baby blues.. :)
I just ADORE you, ate!!!
You are my sugar, spice & everything nice!!! :-*
My game na game honey joined in the fun.
I’m so blessed I have such a FUN family. <3
And yet another game hehe! :))

While waiting for the decision…
United Colors of Benetton ad.. hehe! ;P
Bench ad… ;P
Total Girls ad! :))
Final score.. BLUE SHARKS WIN!!
We ROCK!!!!  m/
Closing ceremony

What can I say? I am SO VERY PROUD of you guys!!! I am SO BLESSED to have such great, talented & smart kids who always make me happy & proud. I love you guys so much.. to the moon & back!!! :-*

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