Because of the oh-so exciting Tumblr event (snicker) that my Lovey was so excited to attend, we opted out from the Pagsanjan Falls adventure that my Kap arranged for the gang. Only the 2 older kids went with him. My Lovey & I, if there are other things to occupy our day & time, we would rather do those than have an outdoor adventure. It’s like: everything else=top priority, nature adventure=last priority. So I really can’t blame that exciting & fulfilling Tumblr event (again, another snicker!) that had us wishing we went to Pagsanjan instead.  ;P

Actually, I was surprised that ate chose to go with her dad. Not only is she a “mommy” person, I really don’t see her as a rough-it type of gal. Heck, she barely moves except to breathe & pee (sometimes to eat) when she’s at home har har. She must have really been bored out of her mind to have gone!  @_@

Anyway, I wasn’t with them, so I can’t tell you what exactly happened. All I have are pictures which, you must admit, clearly speaks for themselves. And makes me wonder if my Lovey & I made the wrong choice! ;)

They were nice enough to give me a blow-by-blow account though (with matching pictures), which made me feel that I was with them.. in spirit.. while physically melting in pergola.. Tumblr-in’ (yaaay -NOT!)

Late lunch at Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna. 
Dwarfed by the giant guardians. 
Si Aling Maliit.
Throwin’ plates.. looks fun! ;)
Hmmnnnn.. masaya si Kap. Nakawala kay misis! :P
Finally getting to the boat station at 4pm. Waaaaay toooooo laaaate!!!
Nagsasara ang gripo ng pagsanjan falls ng alas-singko! :P
Hmmmmnnnn interesting. She is happy! Even without mommy! ;)
and so is he! ;P
Apparently, the boat can carry only 2-3, depending on the size of the human life forms.
So kapag ako ang sasakay, ISA lang! :P
Waaaiiit.. HEL-LOW!!! Kung kaya si Jojo, kaya rin ako noh!
Follow the leader.. it’s almost sunset. HURRY!!!
They went inside THAT cave passing under the small falls…
and here are the cave men! :)
It was already past 9 PM when they got to Laguna Hot Springs to shower & dress up.
There is no place for you to shower & dress up at the falls.
Yes, this life is definitely NOT for me. Good call! ;)

There are small fishies here that nibble on dead skin. Nope, definitely not feeling it.

Hungry, dirty, sweaty peeps. 
But still happy. Very good!

Oh well. There’s always a next time! MAYBE! ;P

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