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It was a tiring 2-day pictorial. Yesterday & today. I’m so thankful that ate treated me to a full body & feet massage.. Swear, I really couldn’t move an inch without wincing from pain. The massage (& power nap) was GLORIOUS!!! <3

I don’t have much pictures from yesterday. Baka sabihin kasi nung iba feelingera naman ako nakiki-shoot hehe. So I really restrained myself. Buti nga ate allowed me to go with her. :P Baka i-ban pa nya ako ng hindi oras!

Sorry blurry.
I had to get out of the way, so this was a zoom shot! :P 
6 couples representing Bio, Psychology, Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, & Applied Math
Annica/Ms. Psych. The girl ate bonded with the most.
Super friendly & always had a ready smile for everyone!
Bet ko sya for Ms. Congeniality! :)

They had individual shots & couple shots which I wasn’t able to take, but the pictures will soon come out in the College of Science website, so I would definitely “borrow” & post here mwahaha!! ;))

But this morning, I really couldn’t restrain myself any longer. The scenery in Quezon Memorial Circle was just too nice to pass up. And ate was in all her splendor & glory. Hence.. CHAKA! Shoot, shoot, SHOOT!!! ;P

We woke up at 4AM to get her hair & make-up done. Had to be at the circle by 8AM.
Eyebags galore ang mother!
But my adorable child looks so fresh! Hindi halatang 4 hours lang ang tulog! :P
Oh di ba?
Hay. Wala akong masabi! ;P
Her theme is PISCES, so we decided on a nautical look for her.
Dress by Topshop, Shoes & accessories by Aldo. Shades by Rayban.
Thank God for water parks!
Meron bang pisces na walang H2O??? 
Cute diba? I have so many favorites I can’t really just pick one!

We got there ahead of everyone so thankfully they were able to shoot us first. Nawala na ang curls & make-up ni ate under the glaring sun!

I love her dress, don’t you? Pristine & virginal na may pagka-naughty! I think she carries it off well because it shows her quirky, edgy, non-traditional side. ;P

Here’s another shot with Ms. Psych, Annica.
We just love her to death! <3
And she’s soooo tall too! 5’10” to ate’s 5’7″ !!! 
And here she is with her BFF, Ramy, who is also her partner as Mr. Bio.
Ramy was the one who nominated her to BIOSOC to represent Ms. Bio Personality.
(Using my free payong from FRESH hehe!)

We were so famished by the time our sequence was done. Went to Katips for lunch since ate wanted to try out Starr’s.

But first, a quick, solid lunch at Mom & Tina’s Bakery & Cafe. The place was kitchy, homey & quaint. So adorbs! <3 The menu was pricey though for such small servings. But their food was a-ok.

Freshly baked goodies available for sale.
Which of course I took advantage of to bring home to the kids.
Dulce de Leche 115 php/slice
Mocha Slice 105 php/slice
Chocolate Slice 110 php/slice
Vanilla Butter Slice 115 php/slice 

Ano beh, Ramy! :P This was supposed to be a candid shot, hehe! ;))
Ate’s nautical-themed bracelet from Aldo’s. 900 php. 
Salmon & Caper pasta 250 php
Comes with 2 bread/order.
Delicious, glorious garlic bread!!! <3
Meat Lasagna 185 php 
Carbonara 195 php
Big momma burger 445 php
(Wasn’t THAT big though.. and GUESS who it was for, teehee!)
Canned drinks were exorbitant at 65 php/can.

Then finally, what she’s been craving for. Starr’s..

Ate had the Chocolate Macadamia & Caramel (95 php) which she loved -and FINISHED (gasp!),
I had the Non-fat Strawberry Milkshake (super asim, tasted like yoghurt –di ko type!)
Really, I don’t see anything special about this joint. But that’s just me! :P

It’s gonna be one hella week come monday… I hope ate gets plenty of rest this weekend to store up for the coming hectic week ahead.

Love you, ate! And I’m so proud of you already, come what may. Just try to enjoy the ride, that’s what life is all about! :-*

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