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PADI Certified!

The kids are now PADI certified. Yay! Nagbunga rin ang ST (sipag at tiyaga) ni Kap, at ang puhunan nya! :P

PicMonkey Collage

Their temporary diving certificates until the permanent one comes. <3 Congratulations kiddos!


It’s always more fun when you do activities with your friends. They bonded in & out of the water.

PADI™ stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI is undeniably the world’s foremost organisation for those who are serious about their diving – either for pleasure or something more serious. It seems that wherever there is Scuba, then also there is PADI. Rightly so, for PADI is a fully professional organisation – dedicated to the welfare of Scuba divers everywhere, and also to the marine environment.

Kap has always tried to make the kids see the beauty of nature. Mapa-bundok man o mapa-dagat. Being the mom who has more interaction with them, mas malakas lang talaga ang impluwensya ko which is why they are city kids. But once Kap got them immersed in water, and they saw how beautiful the underwater world is, the kids followed their dad’s initiative & hankered him to let them keep diving.

But of course, safety first. So my dear old Kap contacted professional scuba diver ROSS VERIDIANO to give them lessons on diving & safety before the fun dive begins. And now I’m happy to report to you that they finally got their certificates! \m/


I was super nervous when Kap got the kids interested. But my fear & anxiety waned a little when I met coach Ross. She has a team of responsible & experienced divers. Best of all, the ratio was 1:1 so I was assured that the kids will be properly supervised & watched like a hawk shark.

So all summer long, we’ve they’ve been going back & forth Anilao Batangas to take diving lessons. Kap found a moderately-priced accommodation with food, as well as unlimited tank refills included, at CAFE BAHIA owned by Eric Javier.

3d_cartoon_scuba_diverTo contact Ross:

+63 915 333 3288
Intro dive (1 session) 2.5k; To get a Padi certificate (6 dives) 18k – with gear rental, oxygen tank, etc.

3d_cartoon_scuba_diverTo contact Eric:

Casa Bahia Dive Camp. Sitio Balagbag, Baranggay Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas +63 905 999 0405/ +63 920 911 5059
Daily rate: Board & Lodging (twin share overnight stay) – 4,250k/head/day inclusive of food (5 meals) & unlimited oxygen
AC room for single occupancy 5,500.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks
AC room twin sharing occupancy 4,250.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks
AC room triple sharing occupancy 4,000.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks
AC room quad sharing occupancy 3,750.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks
AC room 5 pax occupancy family room 4,050.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks
AC room 6 pax occupancy family room 3,850.00 4 meals + 1 snack + unlimited tanks

This is the family room for 5-6. 2 queen-sized bunk beds for 8 pax. With individual toilet & bath.


The dining hall on the 2nd floor.


Buffet lunch & dinner with breakfast & 2 snacks included in the package.

To read my previous post on their INTRO DIVE, CLICK HERE.

Eric’s lovely 3-level home natabunan ng mga sinampay namin atbp.! ;))


Casa Bahia is a very short walking distance to the shore. Here they are preparing for a shore entry. Sometimes they enter via boat, it depends on the alon.


All scuba gears c/o coach Ross. As of this writing though, Kap has been slowly canvassing the kids’ own scuba gears & buying little by little since they have proven their worth, lels.


Happy when they are. <3

A scuba certification means that your previous training is adequate to rent and use scuba equipment from dive centers without supervision. The appropriate scuba rating allows the certification holder to participate in guided dives of similar skill techniques and skill levels to those at which you are trained in or better.

Scuba Courses and Diving Lessons are available to almost anyone who is comfortable in water and in general good health. Introductory scuba courses can be as little as a half days training in a swimming pool or completely through to the full scuba certification. For example, the PADI Open Water Diver certification course is the most popular entry level course worldwide and results in a full introduction to scuba diving. The course usually takes three to four days and on completion, you will gain a lifetime certification which also allows you to continue with further training and a lifetime of great diving.


Early morning boat entry.


The wet suits are a bitch to put on. The struggle is real. Imagine nalang kung ako yan. Puputok! :P


Coach Ross’ National Geographic wet suit. If your serious about diving, it’s best to buy your own for a better fit. This one is too short for Ate’s tall frame. A brand new locally made wet suit costs around 5k. Kap was able to get her her very own na as I write this. :)


The tanks you don’t need to buy. If you stay with Eric at Casa Bahia you can rent the gears & unli oxygen refill is included in the rate.


It may look easy but the course is really hard. Coach Ross surprised the kids by removing their masks underwater & also the breather. They had to learn how to put them back on under water in cases of emergency. Syempre naman ako ang nag-panic! That’s at 60 feet under ha. They also had to take off the tanks & put them back on under water to cover all bases. Ang mag-dive ay hindi biro.

To complete the Open Water Diver Course, you will be screened to verify that you are in good overall health. There are certain health conditions that may prevent you from diving and there are some basic water skills that will also need to be tested. Therefore, if you are generally a healthy person and you can swim and float well enough you’re already on your way to a Scuba Certification.

Recreational Scuba Diving is one of the most popular outdoor activities and it can be exhilarating for beginners and experienced scuba divers alike. One reason that scuba diving is so popular is that more than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water – not all is suitable for the beginner – but scuba diving is now accessible to almost anyone.


To enjoy fun diving, it’s really imperative to take a course so you know safety & emergency procedures. Also how to communicate under water.


This is at the Cathedral. The kids loved playing with the aquatic life that they didn’t take note of the time. So it was good that they had the coaches with them. Masyado slang naaliw hindi na napansin ang oras!

Don’t be deceived, getting a PADI diving certificate is not just all fun & games. The kids had to STUDY! And it’s a pretty thick book too. It took my kids, (Ate particularly who likes to ACE everything!) 2 days to study it from cover to cover. This is the final step to get PADI-certified.certified. Provided you pas

170 freakin’ pages!!! @_@


They also had to go through hoops without touching the edges to test their buoyancy.

Thank you so much Daddy for being so patient & supportive. And congratulations to Ate & my babyson for getting certified. Woohoo! \m/

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