P.F. Chang’s

The weather is changing.. and not in a good way. It’s getting hotter & hotter.. and it’s not even summer yet! I wonder how we’ll fare once summer starts. Sigh! @_@

As with the changing weather, the asthma season has also started. The 3 kids & I have been experiencing shortness of breath & wheezing more of late. My babyson was not immune. So he skipped school today since it’s particularly hot in their class -not having airconditioning unit & all! :(

We decided to have a lunch date at P.F. Chang’s to pick up our spirits from the anticipation of the impending summer heat.

P.F. Chang’s was brought in by the same people as California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), the Lhuilliers among others. It’s at the separate new wing of Alabang Town Center..

Separate new wing, just across the main wing.
As of date, only PFC’s was open.
Terracotta warriors inviting you to go in… ;)
Can you spot my babyson among the chinks, haha!
The chef is american. The food is american-chinese fusion.
The prices weren’t so bad. Everyone kept saying PFC’s was expensive,
so I thought it was like “HIT THE ROOF” expensive!
The price was more or less the same range as CPK’s.

Like this Shrimp with Candied Walnuts 790 php
Kung Pao Chicken 365 php
Double Pan Fried Beef 350 php
(with a choice of either beef, shrimp, or combination.
This one is purely beef since we already had a separate shrimp order)
Me & my babyson, out on a date! <3
The servings were big (good for 2-3), so we asked for a doggie bag to take home to the 2 girls! ;)

To be honest, I enjoyed the food more at Wee Nam Kee. I found the shrimp bland. The one in president’s was a LOT better. The kung pao lacked that “kung pao” kick, although ate said she LOVED it when she tried the left-overs. The noodle was too salty. But that’s just my opinion, maybe my taste buds aren’t sosi enough for “fusions”! ;) But the servers were really nice & warm. Maybe we’ll try it agin next time, with the girls & my hunny naman the 2nd time around.

Of course, we would NEVER think of going home without buying pasalubong for the girls…

3 bags full of their favorite snacks! <3

Don’t hate me, Rica! ;)) I’ll take you on a date as soon as you’re fully healed & able to eat again hahaha! We’ll try bulgogi brothers! Get well soon!!! :-*

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