P.F. Chang’s Revisited

For some reason, ate was craving P.F. Chang’s.. and while she was at it, kung pao chicken kept creeping into my mind. Voila, we celebrated our anniversary, and the kids’ end of the school year, at PFC’s yesterday! :) Worked out well for everybody.

I’m just soooooo terribly GLAD & relieved that the kids, ate in particular, are over with school!!! m/ Off to a fresh new start next school year. Ate on to college with more than a handful of classmates for a change (equals MORE choices for friends) -and on to her way of making OUR dream a reality! ;)) My babyson back to his bff’s arms since his 2 new friends won’t be coming back to school anymore -at least I won’t be getting called to the office as much for bad behavior haha! My Lavinia with a whole new class & a new set of friends as well since her closest friends are moving away too. New beginnings for everyone.

Anyway, the last time my babyson & I were at PFC’s, we were only able to try 2 dishes.. So this time, we made sure to order a bunch so we can give the restaurant another chance at a better review! ;P

Dynamite Shrimp (as appetizer) 295 php
Spicy.. just the way I like it! <3

Egg Rolls (as appetizer) 135 php

Mushu Pork 295 php
Which surprisingly came with wrappers. Instant lumpia, yum! <3

Pepper Steak 680 php
It’s pricey, but the meat was really tender.

Kung Pao Chicken 365 php
I finally learned how to put the kick in the Kung Pao.. I ate it with chili pepper! m/

Crispy Honey Shrimp 425 php

Too salty noodle –which we sent back to the kitchen!
You can tell, just look at the swimming sauce. 

Fried Rice 200 php
Although the dishes already come with unlimited white rice.

All that food swiped out in under 15 minutes by my hungry brood! :)) I can say in all honesty that aside from the noodles, everything else was to our liking. Although I have to be clear that this is Chinese-American fusion. You will be sorely disappointed if you come here looking for authentic chinese food. Oh no -go someplace else for that my dear.

Before I forget.. OMGee, just look at this!!! My eyes popped out when I saw this from our neighbor’s table. My drool said.. I just gotta have it!!!

Aptly named GREAT WALL OF CHOCOLATE (395 php)!! <3
How cool is that???
They had 1 layer each. I had 2.
Why? Coz I’m the STAR in my family, remember??? ;))
Although it wasn’t exactly moist, and the raspberry sauce added tanginess,
I give it an “A” for A-fort & a “P” for presentation! ;)) 

Happy anniversary to us!!! <3 <3 <3

Watched this after, while my babyson went around the mall with tew rest of his class..

Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts
What can I say? It’s a kiddie movie ;P

And too full still after that huge lunch we had, tried CHA TIME after the movie to kill time, since ate RAVED about it being the BEST milk tea house in this side of the world! @_@ Then passing her drink to her dad because she didn’t like the taste –oh ate!! ;P

Pearl Milk Tea with 30% sugar 80 php
The cashier said this was their most popular drink.
I’m really more of a coffee drinker though.

You FIEND!!! ;))
I thought you said the milk tea was good!!!! @_@

Passing on her drink to her dad.
Such a clever girl!!! ;P

By the time I “recovered” my babyson, my Lavinia naman went off with her friend to watch yet another movie & eat out.. My little birds are slowly leaving the nest!!! :'(

Gotta make the most out of this summer. Time flies by so quickly. I’m afraid that if I close my eyes too long they’ll all be off from my cuckoo nest & building one of their own!

Happy “start of the summer”, everyone! :)

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