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Oudon Japanese Restaurant

My friend Irene was super excited to tell me about her 2 new cheesecake flavors & wanted me to try both (more on that tomorrow), so we agreed to meet up halfway from her kabihasnan and mine for a quick lunch & mid-week catching up before Kap & I went to an afternoon meeting somewhere in Manila.

The fun thing about eating with the Co’s is they are foodies & they know just about the best NEW & IN places to eat in the metro -with no repeats! With them, I don’t even need to google. I let them decide where we will eat & I just ask waze to point us to the right direction (hopefully, LOL!).

This time around, with the gloomy & unpredictable weather, Irene & I were craving for noodle soup. So we met up at Oudon Japanese Restaurant, whose speciality is -you guessed it. UDON!

UDON: a thick Japanese noodle made from wheat flour and usually served in a soup.

Oudon Japanese Restaurant

Unit 2A Forum South Global corner 7th Avenue and Federacion Drive, Bonifacio South District, Bonifacio Global City (02) 398 3988

Richard & Irene have eaten here before so they vouched for the great food. Since I haven’t (and they tend to spoil me much haha), we had a quick Japanese lunch at Oudon Japanese Restaurant, a second time for them. My Lovey didn’t have school that day so she was our tag-along. ;)


Oudon Japanese Restaurant is located on the farthest left side (from the stairs) of the 2nd floor of The Forum in BGC.



If you know where this floating astronaut is located, then the building is just beside it. ;)



The place is charming, and packed with the usual lunch crowd, so we were directed to the function rooms. (No minimum charge)



I’m liking the result of my new cleansing food supplement! Clearer skin & healthier glow. Nuks! Or baka kasi yakap lang ako ni Kap hehe. :P



On our way to one of the private function rooms where Richard  Irene were already waiting.




Our appetizers..


Compli appetizer of crunchy veggie chips. Soooo good with the balanced seasoning. Of course I failed to ask what vegetable this was. Or I did but just forgot. Unlike anything I have ever tasted. Anyone?



Salmon Sashimi 290 php.



Potato Cheese Mochi 350 php. Really good, tasted like soft potato chips.




Ika Daikon 270 php. Squid & raddish dish.

Our mains..


My Lovey is enamored with anything Ebi, so I wasn’t surprised when after a brief glance at the menu, she asked for the Ebiten Udon 430 php.





Irene also liked the same thing so nag-twinning sila ng Lovey ko. Except Irene added a generous dash of Togarashi (japanese chili pepper) to add to the flavor.



Richard’s Ebi Cream Udon 520 php. Udon in cream sauce with shrimp toppings.



Kap’s Creamy Ebiko 520 php. This was soooo creamy & tasty! <3 The fat udon noodles made this japanese pasta dish even more yummy! Hindi maka-get over si Kap sa laki at bigat ng plato haha!




My Ebi Fry Curry Udon 420 php. The curry was just the right amount of spicy so I wasn’t crying as I enjoyed my lunch. :) This actually came with rice so I mopped up the beef & curry with my rice, then ate the noodles with my ebi. Noms!

There’s just something comforting about a steaming bowl of noodle especially now that the rainy season has started & the weather has gotten considerably cooler. Don’t you agree? :) Come back tomorrow please!

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