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Osaka Ohsho

It was an unexpected, albeit a very pleasant surprise when Richard Co of TALES FROM THE TUMMY invited me to join him & his wife for dinner at OSAKA OHSHO at the new Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.


Osaka Ohsho was founded by Mr. Shinzo Fumino in September 1969.
What started as a small shop near the Kyobashi train station now has over 300 restaurants all over Japan and branches in Seoul, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Singapore.
Last February 2014, Osaka Ohsho made its Philippine debut at SM Megamall.



Fashion Hall, the wide, spacious new wing of SM Megamall. You’d think you were transported to the US of A! Very nice!

Two Tuesdays ago, I got to meet Richard & his lovely wife Irene when Kap & I traveled (yes, that’s the correct word) 2 hours to get to SM Megamall to have dinner with them at the new Gyoza place in town. Kap & I enjoyed their company immensely.

Osaka Ohsho SM Megamall 

3/F SM Megamall, Fashion Mall, Julia Vargas Avenie,

Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

For reservations, call 631-7074 or text 0917-8285011


With Richard who went out of his way to greet us outside where we were lurking, probably knowing we were too shy to go inside on our own haha.
Thank you Richard for making us feel so welcome! :)


We also met the VERY YOUNG, very amiable owner Linfred (yes, of the Wee Nam Kee group) who attended to our every need & saw to it that we were non-stop munching on something! ;)) We left the ordering in his hands, and he did not fail us. Just look at this fantabulous spread we were able to try that Tuesday night! <3




Linfred was so nice to order cool, refreshing drinks for us the moment we sat down.
It’s Fresh Mango Yakult 125 php for Kap,
and Bottomless Houseblend Iced Tea 98 php for me. :)



Kap & I enjoyed a bowl each of Fresh Miso Soup 70 php.


And the piece de resistance finally arrived! m/
At Osaka Ohsho, the gyoza takes center stage!
A unique blend of imported Japanese flour is used to make the wrapper, keeping it thin but sturdy. Only the freshest ingredients are used to make the delicious dumplings, including a special mix of three pork cuts, combined with ginger, garlic and cabbage.
Beautifully grilled for a crispy exterior, these handmade dumplings are made only by chefs who have trained extensively under gyoza master chefs in Japan.


Osaka Ohsho offers three kinds of Gyoza:
ORIGINAL 175 PHP/6pcs & 350 php/12pcs.
CHEESE 190 PHP/6pcs & 380 php/12pcs.)
NORI 190 PHP/6pcs & 380 php/12pcs.)



I loved all 3. But if I were to choose only 1 to be my favorite, then it would have to be the fattest of the bunch, the Nori Gyoza.


I really liked how some parts were seared which gave the skin an extra crunch & texture.
And can you see how overly filled t is with meat & nori??? YUM!!! <3



Tonpeiyaki with Pork & Cheese 275 php
Omg. The egg is SO fluffy! I LOVETT!!! <3
I could have eaten the whole thing right then & there! But of course, I had to share. Boo!




Special Fuwatoro Tenshin Han 310 php
This dish features Koshihikari rice enveloped in a pillow-soft omelette, with gravy generously ladled on top.
They have truly perfected the art of cooking egg. I fell in love over & over again with every mouthful.




Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce 290 php



Black Chicken Vinegar 325 php.
If you were to order only one, GET THIS!!! You will not be disappointed.
It’s very similar to my favorite sweet & sour pork.


Beef with Eggplant in Special Hokono Sauce 330 php.


Sliced Pork with Ginger Sauce 270 php



Mabo Tofu 270 php



and Ebi Chili 375 php. I also loved this.



Black Chahan 250 php

We were all so full with the main meals but the very generous Linfred offered us the menu again for dessert. And who are we to argue, right?

Banana Tempura with Homemade Japanese Ice Cream 330 php
I didn’t expect to like the exotic flavors but I loved all 3: Vanilla, Green Tea, Black Sesame Seed.



Japanese Parfait with homemade Ice Cream 280 php

Before we left, we, of course, had to give tribute to those lovely, scrumptious dumplings, bow down as a sign of respect, and say goodbye! ;))




I wanted to bring some home for the kids to try, but Kap said we will just take them back another time because dumplings are meant to be eaten steaming hot.


It was really nice meeting you, Richard & Irene!
Thank you for inviting us, and for sending so much food our way that Kap was smiling even after the 2 hour drive back home! ;))

And thank you so much OSAKA OHSHO for letting us sample your wonderful, tasty dumplings. I may just agree with the rest when they say it’s the world’s #1 gyoza.


Up next, INDULGENCE BY IRENE! :) And it’s gonna be one drool-worthy post, I promise you! <3

PS: But before all that munchin’ & chewin’, we got distracted by some shops placed strategically along the way as we entered the new wing of the mall. Which is where Richard found us window shopping..

Rows upon rows of colorful shoes at NAO DE BRAZIL. Kap couldn’t decide which brightest colored shoes he liked the best! ;))
All Nao do Brasil shoes are hand-made, from recycled and eco-friendly recuperated materials.
Nao shoes are currently available in four models: Caipi, Noité, Altai and Praia. There is also a Caipi Kids line. Do check them out!


Kap got so amused with the PAPER WALLET kiosk. :)
Made with special Tyvek material, these wallets are waterproof and tear-proof, yet unbelievably light at the same time. And the clincher? It’s paper!


While I got waylaid at Sunnies By Charlie! A hip & young sunglass store by Georgina Wilson. Hip & Young, both of which I’m not! :P


I guess we don’t JUST love to eat, but we love to shop as well! :P Ang sarap talaga mamasyal. We gotta frequent Megamall! <3

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