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‘Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring -not even a mouse.
Small raindrops started falling, the breeze was gently brushing,
it was time to head for the cool hills while the weather was rockin’.

Pwede rin akong makata bukod sa blogger diba? :P

We woke up to a chilly Saturday. You know, the kind where you just wanna burrow deep down under your fresh downy-smelling soft duvet and sleep the day away? Except you’re all slept out and try as you might, you are just too fully awake to go back to your dreams? So you end up, well, getting up.

And because we were already up & about on a lazy Saturday with nothing to do & more importantly, NO TESTS TO STUDY FOR, the kids thought it would be a good day to hie of to Tagaytay because the weather app on their phone predicted 25 degrees celcius. Brrrrrrr! And they do love the cold!

Whadya know, their app was right. It was a foggy, cool day in Highlands. Perfect for an al Fresco lunch at Bistro Saratoga!


50% visibility at the Lowlands. So we treaded slowly & carefully. As predicted, it was a chilly Saturday. The kids were very pleased. Lalo na si Ate na naka-ready ang OOTD! :P


Who doesn’t love this bedroom weather? <3


And of course they are dressed for it. Time to unearth those sweaters & jackets! Oh, and beanies! ;))


Steak would have been lovely, but the kids opted for fresh organic salad & pasta at Bisto Saratoga instead. It was that kind of day. Open air & everything al-fresh-co! ;)

Bistro Saratoga, Tagaytay Highlands

The Lowlands, Tagaytay City, Cavite (046) 483-0820

Organic Salad Bar 380 php; Pasta Bar 480 php; Organic Salad & Pasta Bar 860 php. Includes Soup of the Day, Freshly baked Focaccia Bread, unlimited salad/pasta or both, Tarragon tea, and dessert. Available only on weekends for lunch.


I love the new seat covers. I hope next time they also do something about the paper placemats. It really doesn’t do well for the pictures. ;)


The Cream of Vegetable was perfect for a cold day outdoors. So perfect that we had TWO steaming bowls each! :P The focaccia bread was freshly baked too and went well with the soup, or eaten with the herbed butter or pesto dip. Everything was refillable. My kind of word!


The all-organic salad was so fresh & grown at Tagaytay Highlands with four dressings to choose from: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Mango Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, and Raspberry Vinaigrette (my favorite)! <3


We sat overlooking the view of the farm where most of the veggies we were eating were grown.


I’m not a nature girl but this view makes me wanna try gardening. Why not, coconut?


What a perfect Saturday is for me. THIS. Just vegging with them. Pun intended. <3





Ginger Pumpkin. Great with the herbed tea! <3


And my girls will never let a perfect photo opportunity pass.. Rain, mist, or shine!





A foggy & misty day did not stop them from enjoying themselves. I swear, with the kids around I really don’t need much of an entertainment! :P Pwede ko silang panuorin buong araw, aliw na ako.


Among all 3, Ate is exceptionally sweet to me. Thank you Ate for always making me feel so loved & important! <3

Ginger is not the kids’ top choice when it comes to dessert. So we had a proper dessert at The Golfer’s Lounge in the Midlands.



Chocolate hazelnut mousse with mallows. Steady lang.



Now THIS is what made our day. <3 Ice cold Halo-halo & Maize con Hielo on a cold, foggy day. Brrrrrr.

I have gotten many requests in the mail about signing for their entry in Tagaytay Highlands which is a members-only club. I would really love to, you know I would. If I could. Except the management doesn’t allow it anymore. Sorry loves. Guests are supposed to be accompanied by members at all times. And all consumption in food outlets can only be paid using the member’s card -no cash.



And just because I couldn’t resist, my muy gwapito babyson. Handsomely rugged. Will break many hearts someday. Pwedeng model diva? Papasa? Pasensya na. Fan ang nanay! ;P

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