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Orange Whisk Restaurant & Patisserie

I really thought I wasn’t going to make it to my good friend CHEF ANNA CHUA’s ORANGE WHISK event. After being cancelled due to extreme bed bad weather, it was moved to the same day as I was attending the PINK EGG EPISODES. So a couple of Saturdays ago, it was a mad dash for me & the girls hopping from one place to another to support good friends.. and meet with foodie friends as well. <3


Orange Whisk Restaurant & Patisserie

35-B Michael Rua St Don Bosco, Parañaque
(02) 501-6454
Thanks to WAZE, we found the restaurant in Paranaque right away. I love how WAZE calculates the best & fastest distance to get you to your desired place with the least traffic. It also tells you the expected time of arrival, so we were able to compute whether or not we were going to make it to both places.
Orange Whisk is the love child of engaged couple Chef Isaiah Ortega and Pastry Chef Korinne Lirio. Their common passion for cooking and baking has motivated them to set up this friendly neighborhood restaurant and patisserie in Better Living Subdivision, just South of Manila. Located just a tad off route from the Dona Soledad main road, Orange Whisk is a hidden gem that offers a diverse menu – from international dishes and Filipino dishes to various desserts, pastries, and the well-loved Chewy Bun.



Korinne loves the color orange. So all the whimsical whisk fixtures have been painted orange. It’s a bright, fun, and colorful place indeed that brings a warm fuzzy feeling to your tummy when you go in. <3


Thank you ANNA & RAYMOND, another fun couple, for having us! <3 Anna has been a constant source of strength & support for me. She has moved on from being a sponsor, to a good friend in my life. <3



Isaiah handles the savories, while the bubbly Korinne handles the sweets. LOOKEE OMG!!! <3


Sooooo beautiful, don’t you agree???


Our hosts for the day, the very talented Chefs ISAIAH ORTEGA & KORINNE LIRIO. <3 Thank you so much for having ALL of us! :-*


Their best seller & a favorite of their regular patrons, the chewy COFFEE BUNS! <3


It’s hollow in the middle so better get a whole bunch as it is quite addicting! :)



I love how the soon-to-be married couple Chefs Isaiah & Korinne were so bubbly & animated. Such a fun couple! <3 Here Isaiah is explaining what’s in store for us that afternoon! Good thing they started really late, so I was able to catch up! ;)


The Orange Whisk Caesar Salad.


Smoked Squid Tentacles in Brown Butter Garlic Sauce with Leeks & Tomatoes. The squid was so fresh that you could actually hear your seatmate chew. :) The sauce was light & flavorful. One of my 2 favorites of the day. <3


The Lengua Steak with Blue Cheese Mushroom Cream Sauce.


Steamed Red Grouper with Crispy Mashed Soybean.


Sous Vide Ginger Chicken with Dark Caramel Kaffir Lime Sauce. Okay I got confused. I had THREE favorites & this is definitely one of them. The chicken was so tender & flavorful. I LOVED it to pieces, literally! :)


Better than Lechon with Homemade Lemongrass Lechon sauce (and bagoong on the side).



Adobong Pusit sa gata, bawang, at Talong na Hapon.


Wagyu Saikoro Steak with Blue Ginger Sauce. A serving this size only costs 700. FTW??? My ultimate favorite. It was a melt-in-your-mouth kind of steak. So tender & juicy! <3



Green Thai Curry Jumbo Tiger Prawns. I loved the sauce of this. Would have wiped it clean had everyone not thought the same! :P


Not on the menu but served to us nonetheless, Mixed Veggies.


Happy Orange Whisk guests. <3


My mouth literally drooled upon seeing this dessert sampler: Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake, Mango Coconut Tapioca Pudding, Apple Cranberry Cheesecake Tarts, Caramel Mousse with Kitkat Bites, and CHEF ANNA CHUA’s very own SPICED CHAI kashi maki sampler.



Thank goodness my dear friend CHEF ANNA CHUA made me a sugarfree mousse! <3 Thank you Anna for my your thoughtfulness. This is why I love you so much!! :-*


Class picture with RICHARD & IRENE who traveled to the south, so I REALLY had to make an extra effort to make it there. <3


Thank you so much Anna & Raymond for including us in the invite. Who knew I’d discover a gem right in the heart of Paranaque? Thank you for introducing ORANGE WHISK to us! <3


And thank you Isaiah & Korinne for feeding us such delightful entrees! Every dish packed a mean punch & was worth the mad dash. We know it was quite stressful feeding the lot of us haha, so we appreciate the labor of love! <3


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