Opa, Cyma!

My babyson was off yesterday to celebrate his birthday with his closest buddies…

On our way to the mall.
My babyson not too happy that I am shadowing them haha. Too bad! :P

So of course even though I wasn’t allowed to tag along, I feigned a dinner date with my 2 girls just so I have an excuse to also be in the mall, teehee! ;P This is his 2nd celebration already. The 1st was with his basketball team last week –where I was ALSO banned from the all-boys dinner boohoo! :(

Anyway, I chose Cyma as I haven’t tried it yet. The 2 girls weren’t too keen on greek cuisine, but I charmed them into agreeing for the sake of my blog haha!

Started off with a SAGANAKI or flaming cheese with bread.
I opted for the traditional Kefalograviera greek cheese (300php) vs. the cyma original cheese (200php)
I give it an “A” for presentation! ;)
Not so high though, for the taste.
I found it bland. I like my cheese strong & sharp haha!
As I really wanted an all-greek dining experience,
I chose a GYRO (pronounced Hi-Ro daw!!!) for my main entree.
Chicken Gyro – Cyma’s Best! 160php
(tomatoes, red onions & tzatziki/cucumber-garlic-yogurt dip wrapped in pita)
Ate got the Solomos Angel hair Cyma Original 450php
(SautΓ©ed salmon with tomato, basil cream sauce, fresh lime juice, feta and romano cheese)
While my Lovey got the Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti 450php
(Oven-roasted shrimp and tomatoes, feta cheese, spaghetti and parsley, served with grated parmesan cheese)
This is my not-so-worried face, even though
my babyson & friends went to Omakase, as far away as possible from us!!!! @_@
Tried their Baklava 180php for GLYKA/dessert! Way too sweet for me! ;P
(Layered phyllo with walnuts and orange honey syrup)
And their teeny-tiny greek coffee!!! @_@ hahaha!
Greek Briki 80php (tasted like starbucks’)

Checked out other diners’ food. Many ordered the greek salad, should have tried that as well! :( Sigh.. so many food to try out, so little stomach space to put it all in, hahaha! Happy weekend everyone! :-*

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