Opa, Cyma!

My babyson was off yesterday to celebrate his birthday with his closest buddies…

On our way to the mall.
My babyson not too happy that I am shadowing them haha. Too bad! :P

So of course even though I wasn’t allowed to tag along, I feigned a dinner date with my 2 girls just so I have an excuse to also be in the mall, teehee! ;P This is his 2nd celebration already. The 1st was with his basketball team last week –where I was ALSO banned from the all-boys dinner boohoo! :(

Anyway, I chose Cyma as I haven’t tried it yet. The 2 girls weren’t too keen on greek cuisine, but I charmed them into agreeing for the sake of my blog haha!

Started off with a SAGANAKI or flaming cheese with bread.
I opted for the traditional Kefalograviera greek cheese (300php) vs. the cyma original cheese (200php)
I give it an “A” for presentation! ;)
Not so high though, for the taste.
I found it bland. I like my cheese strong & sharp haha!
As I really wanted an all-greek dining experience,
I chose a GYRO (pronounced Hi-Ro daw!!!) for my main entree.
Chicken Gyro – Cyma’s Best! 160php
(tomatoes, red onions & tzatziki/cucumber-garlic-yogurt dip wrapped in pita)
Ate got the Solomos Angel hair Cyma Original 450php
(Sautéed salmon with tomato, basil cream sauce, fresh lime juice, feta and romano cheese)
While my Lovey got the Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti 450php
(Oven-roasted shrimp and tomatoes, feta cheese, spaghetti and parsley, served with grated parmesan cheese)
This is my not-so-worried face, even though
my babyson & friends went to Omakase, as far away as possible from us!!!! @_@
Tried their Baklava 180php for GLYKA/dessert! Way too sweet for me! ;P
(Layered phyllo with walnuts and orange honey syrup)
And their teeny-tiny greek coffee!!! @_@ hahaha!
Greek Briki 80php (tasted like starbucks’)

Checked out other diners’ food. Many ordered the greek salad, should have tried that as well! :( Sigh.. so many food to try out, so little stomach space to put it all in, hahaha! Happy weekend everyone! :-*

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