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One Way

Because of our new & generous blogger friends, Kap & I are enjoying so many invites to try out exciting places we have never even considered due to distance. And we have never gone on so many childless dates, sitting at tables filled with adult conversations for the last month alone. I have never blogged so much in my life, which of course, is a good thing. I really thought I won’t have anything to write about this summer. Turns out, I need to publish one post a day just to get my back logs off the way. I couldn’t be any happier! :)

Kathi of MUCKING AROUND MANILA once again took us along to dinner at this new resto in Makati. I swear, if not for new blogger friends who are so nice to invite us along, my summer would be painfully dry & boring. The kids have so many ganaps of their own left & right with friends that I hardly see them. So adult dinners have been most welcome in my life lately.


One Way

*Sourdough Pizza & Pasta, Sourdough Hamburger, Steak & Mussels, Salad & Sandwich, Lebanese Mezza, Scandenavian Appetizer.

02 5051102, +63 9065572588
One Way San Lorenzo, Metro Manila, Philippines
Unit 1A, 200 Concorde Building, Salcedo Corner Benavides Street, San Lorenzo, Makati



The restaurant has been aptly named ONE WAY because it sits on 2 one way streets..




Immediately upon our entrance, our very gracious host, JOSEPH ASSAD, Consul of Lebanon, greeted us warmly & welcomed us in like we were royalty. He regaled us with stories after stories that we felt right at home. <3 I have never met a man as important as him and yet so humble & warm.



We started off our meals with this refreshing welcome drink.. that matched my top. ;) Mint, lemon, and herb shake 120 php.


Cream of Mushroom Soup. 150 php. Yes, 150 WITH THE BREAD and so much stuffing! <3 Kap had this while I had the Cream of Tomato Soup ar 130 php. YES. 130 php. WITH FRESHLY BAKED BREAD TOO! @_@


Scandenavian Appetizer




Caesar’s Salad 180 php


Sourdough 12″ Pizza 340 php. This is Napoli. With anchovies, capers, and black olives. YUM. Promise! <3


Mediterranean Sourdough 12″ Pizza. 560 php. With goat cheese, sundried tomato, capsicum, capers, and hot salami. TO DIE FOR! <3


Pamplona Sourdough 12″ Pizza 470 php. With Jamon serrano, Spanish spicy chorizo, Arugula, Cherry tomato, and lemon dressing.


Classic American Burger 420 php. Quarter pounder served with cheddar cheese, mushroom, and UBER CRISPY bacon. With a side order of CRISPY fries! <3


Everyone was, of course, all smiles. A happy tummy means a very happy life! ;))


Creme Brulee 150 php. With ginger.




Mango Jubilee (Mango, orange, rum) 180 php. Also available for the same price: Crepe Limone (lemon, caster, sugar & contreau), and Crepe Suzette (Orange & Gran Marinier). We were very lucky to have tasted all 3! <3 My favorite remains to be the Mango jubilee. Just the right amount of sweet & tangy.


The resto looks intimidating from outside (okay also from inside because of the plush interior), plus factor in the location. But we were pretty surprised to see the price fair & reasonable..






The very generous partners of ONE WAY: (from left to right) Consul of Lebanon Joseph Assad, Ralph Joseph of Ralph’s Wines & Spirits, Jackie Chan (not the actor), the Louie Ysmael, and David Vaugn. With Executive Chef Harold Nilooban. Thank you so much kind gentlemen for a fun night filled with food & laughter.


And thank you CHEF CECILLE CHANG of SILK ROAD THAI BISTRO, the Chef in Stilettos, for the invite. :-*


And thank you KATHI, who was caught in the act feeding sweets to her (closet) BOY GOOD FRIEND #chismisnaito , for always taking us along to your many food events! :-*


Do give ONE WAY RESTO a try when you happen to be in the Makati area. You won’t regret it. :)

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