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On the Wings of an Angel

Kap & I take turns leading the family prayer every night. Before we retire at the end of the day, he would gather us close, hold hands (sometimes even feet), and we pray as a family. This is our nightly ritual since the kids were small, no fail. Kap is really a good & effective Godly leader especially in our home. #luckymewifey

Naughty me, I always dread the nights when it’s his turn to pray kasi naman ang haba ng dasal nya, lol. Lahat nalang yata ng kakilala namin, pinagdadasal nya at sinasama sa prayer of safety. Walang paltos yan. He will start with the mudras, kaming 2, the kids,  relatives, the household members, his staff, our neighbors, our friends, our pastors & leaders of the country, and the list goes on. Mahaaaabaaaaaa. Minsan nakakatulog na nga ako sa sobrang haba. Ganun.

Several weeks ago, our driver -who is actually like family to us, got involved in a vehicular accident. One which, if not for God’s interecession and a huge miracle, would have cost him his life. And he would have left behind his wife, 3 daughters, and a young grandson. Thank God for His goodness & mercy, Anderson’s life was spared & he was given a new lease.

Anderson is so very attached to the motorcycle we got for him as a simple but heartfelt token for driving our kids to school. He never had  anything to his name that when he finally owned a piece of property, he valued it & cared for it the best he can. Laging nasa loob ng garahe namin yan, may kulambo pa until rider & vehicle gets reunited once again at the end of the day.

At a stop light on his way home from ours that fateful Friday, a car carrying a female Korean National bumped into him out of the blue, causing Anderson to fly from his motorcycle & land a few feet away. Thank goodness the surrounding vehicles were at a full stop so he wasn’t run over when he catapulted. And thank goodness he was thrown off, otherwise he would have been crushed & mangled to death under all that steel. That he got out of this accident intact, with just superficial scratches, is a wonder & a miracle.

EXPIRED driver’s license!!! @_@ And why is her status on there license MALE??? Could she have been using her husband’s name? I tried looking for her on Facebook to see who we have as common friends & maybe appeal to her personally but all KIM DONGGI comes out male!

Just thinking of it makes me shudder & gives me the creeps. Looking at the photos, I can only marvel at God’s goodness & grace for sparing Anderson’s life. I would like to believe that Kap’s prayer had at least a little to do with that. Anderson was truly covered in His protection that day, no doubt about it.

Kap really has a good heart. He really cares & would go the extra mile even if there’s nothing in it for him. On the spot, before calling anyone else -not even his family, Anderson thought of calling Kap for assistance. And my husband, without thinking twice, jumped in his car & sped off to the rescue, ready for anything & everything. He’s really a super hero, not just to me & our kids, but to anyone who would ask for his help. 

From 5pm when it happened until close to midnight, Kap never left Anderson’s side even at the police station. He also negotiated & made sure the damages incurred would be justly compensated & the medical bills will be paid by the careless Korean National. 

Unfortunately, DONGGI KIM, the Korean National from Cavite who signed a waiver agreeing to buy Anderson a new motorcycle, is now in hiding. Kap has been calling her non-stop & when someone finally answered -one of her household staff, she said the mistress refuses to buy a new motorcycle & considers the waiver null & void as she doesn’t speak English & was made to sign during duress. So we encouraged Anderson to file a case na against her. Napaka-walanghiyang tao! Sa presinto kaharap ang mga pulis nakakaintindi ng tagalog at daig pa ang maamong tupa, ngayong nakapag-isip na at nasulsulan ng abogado nya bigla nalang nagka-amnesia?

As clear as day! Sa presinto marunong magtagalog at nakakaintindi. Bigla nalang nagka-amnesia? Magaling, magaling, magaling!

This, from a well-to-do woman driving a brand new Sta. Fe, with a home & a business. Itong napakaliit na bagay ipagkakait pa nya sa taong napinsala nya. A brand new motorcycle to replace the one we got for Anderson costs around 65k only. Had he suffered extensive damages like broken bones or worse, a head trauma, the Korean National’s expenses would amount to more. Until now, our driver is still shell-shocked & cries at the drop of a hat. May PTSD kagagawan ng Koreanang yan!

One month past & she has not made good her promise. No efforts at all to take our calls.

Please help us storm the gates of heaven so that God will speak to the heart of Kim & she will face her responsibilities head on. Romans 12: 19 “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. God shielded Anderson from harm. Matakot sana itong Koreana sa maaring gawin sa kanya ng Panginoon!

Anderson is really hard-working. After his duty driving Ate to & from school, and when there’s still time, he would take out a jeepney for boundary just so he can earn extra for his family. Weekends too, instead of taking a rest, he would drive the jeep from morning til midnight. Ni hindi yan nagsi-sine unless we buy him a ticket & force him to watch while we go around the mall, para hindi naman siya mabagot kahihintay.

No rest for the weary. Always working hard so that his children can have a brighter future. His daughters are smart. The middle child is a scholar & taking up Education in PUP, while the youngest is always on the honor list in a pubic school. They really show promise & Anderson works doubly hard to make sure of it.

I know God still has a purpose for Anderson that’s why he remains with us ’til now, against all odds. Hindi pa nya oras. ATM, Kap loaned him a service car to get to & from work. It’s also a safer mode of transportation which is why we’re considering matching whatever Anderson can get from the Korean national & upgrading his vehicle to a car, hopefully soon. Kap has a golden heart talaga, bless him. 

From now on, I promise never to get weary ever again when Kap prays long & hard. :P Because I know that God listens to him, and we are all the better for it. Thank you my Honey for all that you are, and all that you do. :-*

My girls care for their kuya Anderson. <3 We pray that God will bless him with many more healthy & happy years ahead.

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