Ombre Shorts

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ate has lost a LOT of weight. So much that she really needs a new wardrobe since most (if not ALL) her clothes are too big on her. Thank God for store sales! @_@ Forever 21, Cotton On, Zara & Topshop have been channels of blessings with their sales left & right. But the stuff on sale are mostly winter clothes since those are the ones against the tide. They don’t include shorts & other clothes for tropical climate, that would be ’til next season. And summer is here! Shorts & summer are like peanut butter & jelly.. they go together! :P

So when she asked me the other day to google a certain online shop that sells ombre shorts, of course I make it my top priority! <3 I found out that they were selling at World Trade Center this 3-day weekend. We went on the first day! :P

SuperSale Bazaar @ World Trade Center
March 1 – 3, 2013 (10 AM – 9 PM)
World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila

The trendiest bazaar to date is back wherein brands will showcase their collection for the upcoming summer season.
Over 200 brands will be participating at the SuperSale Bazaar. Some of the brands to expect during the event: Soak Swimwear, Tonic, Glitterati, Moonshine, Queen Street, Flutter and a whole lot more!

Entrance to the event is Php 100.

Note: The 90% sale is simply NOT TRUE. I did not find anything at all that was 90% off. :|

Entrance is 100php/person. They already charge exuberant rent to the merchandisers, I don’t know why they still ask for entrance fees, sheesh! Eh diba they need us buyers?! If not for us, lalangawin ang bazaar nila, then no one would rent their space!
My very trendy fashionista girls! <3
She’s looking for high-heeled rubber shoes.
Please, would you know anything about that? Recommendations, anyone? :)
The bazaar was mostly by young bloggers who sold their wares online. So everything there was trendy. We spotted the stall with the ombre shorts almost immediately. Most of their shorts & skater skirts went for 500/300 respectively. Medyo cold ang merchandisers nitong particular store. Matipid ngumiti & mahirap tawaran. Not my kind of peeps. Anyway, my 2 girls were able to buy 10 pcs. of assorted clothing from them. More siguro had they been a bit accomodating & pleasant.
My Lovey’s loot from the sungit store. :P
Ok fine. I got something from their store too, in spite of! I really couldn’t resist this necklace! :P
We kept walking until we found another stall selling similar ombre shorts. The merchandiser has a winning personality. Now we’re talking! Her shorts are more expensive (900-1,1k per pair) but the quality of her items are much better than those of the first store we visited. (And I’m not just saying that coz I’m bitter! :P) If only all tinderas are like her -beautiful & pleasant, it would make the world a better
place to live in! ;)) Please do visit Jho Cafuir of Vanilla Breeze Clothing at the World Trade Center today until tomorrow, or order from her facebook page.
Follow VBC on instagram! :)
This photo belongs to Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Ate is holding up a galaxy mini skirt & an ombre pair of shorts.
Inspired by topshop. Less than half the price pa.
Beautiful, happy, smiling ladies make the world a better place to live in, really.
They make a HUGE difference.

Disclaimer: We don’t know Jho personally & we paid for all the items the girls got.
We just really find her goods (and HER) very worthy of support & adulation haha.

And because mommy’s cash fund was depleted from excessive shopping, we had an early supper at Waiying to satisfy our growling tummies. Yes, there were the expected creepy crawlies on the wall -& floor.. but when you’re hungry (& poor), pikit-mata nalang! ;P And the girls are definitely getting the hang of it having been exposed to hole in the wall eateries in Binondo, Lels! Bale wala na sa kanila ang creepy crawlies! :))
My hungry little monsters! ;)) <3

We rushed back home for our movie date with the Kap, my babyson & the Super Friends. Jack the Giant Slayer is a MUST WATCH movie! m/ Although ate (the brainiac) thinks it’s boring & predictable. Duh, it’s a FAIRY TALE! @_@ Of course it’s supposed to be light, uncomplicated, & have a happily ever after ending! Basta, I LOVED it! ;P

The ancient war between humans and a race of giants is reignited when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, opens a gateway between the two worlds.
And because we had an early supper, our stomachs were kinda growling after the movie, so we headed on over to Cafe Breton for some snacks before heading home. Not my day.. ang susungit ng mga servers. Maybe coz it was already 10 p.m. But still, we are customers. Try to be a little cheerful & respectful naman or go look for another job. When we asked for water for like 10 TIMES, padabog pa nagbigay . Oh-em! @_@
Just some of what we ordered. It’s so hard to take pictures of food when hungry mouths are around, haha! :P

Stewed apples with cinnamon, caramel ice cream, caramel syrup and whipped cream 208.75

Galette Paysanne

Whole Hungarian sausage, onions, egg, asparagus with cheese sauce, with Hungarian sausage slices 273.50

Breton Mozzarella Burger

Juicy all beef burger patty with a mozzarella surprise, served with a side salad 195.00

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Creamy tuna spread with melted cheese 120.00

My thigh & calf muscles are complaining from the “severe” walking workout lels, not to mention my raped WALLET, so I think we’ll just veg out today & tomorrow. Happy weekend loves! :-*
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