Omakase remains to be my favorite japanese restaurant, ok next to Umu! ;P They have since transferred to the new establishment in Molito. So when my lovely mommy friend Rica invited me out to lunch at the newly transferred Omakase, I leapt for joy. Definitely 2 birds with 1 stone! ;)

What an upgrade from their old location. More parking space, bigger & well-lit dining area.
They now have a function room upstairs if you want intimate dinners. 
The old Omakase in Casa Susana
Rica got us a lovely booth.
Lia is so cute! <3 Makes me want to have another baby! ;)
My kids are all grown up, boohoo!
California maki 160 php
and Bella is such a little lady now. Turning out to be so pretty like her mom.
Chicken Teriyaki 185 php 
My Lovey misses her old classmates.
I’m so glad they still have little lunches and dates now & then to catch up on things.
Hopefully, she can be with them in WR soon…
Tendon Donburi 205 php
I loved chatting up a storm with Rica.
We must do this again soon! :) 
We each had a dainty Tuna Tataki (180 php)
I had to restrain myself from ordering a lot so I don’t overwhelm her on our first date, haha! ;P
But my tummy was really grumbling, so I had an order of  Tofu Steak (200 php) haha!
My Lovey & I have a game plan, you see. We will slowly ease Rica & Bella into our eating habits so they don’t get overwhelmed! ;)) Baka kasi they won’t invite us out na haha!
Thank you Rica, we had such a lovely bonding time with you & the girls. And don’t forget, the next time you go back for the gucci bag, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! ;)

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