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My Lovey’s BFF’s birthday is coming up & my baby’s been stressing over what to give her dear bestie of 8 years. When your friends are as spoiled & loved as you with doting parents who buy all their little pink heart desires, it’s hard to look for a gift that she doesn’t YET have in her possession, more so THE perfect gift that she really really wants.

We were able to buy THE perfect gift last month (yes, that early coz it’s THAT hard to look for one) but as it turns out, BFF’s parents bought her one as well -a couple of days short of her birthday! So, my Lovey was in panic mode. We went to the mall the other day in search of.
Just when we were about to give up, she suddenly remembered that her bestie liked to play with the Ollo Clip that my Lovey badgered me to get for her iphone a while back.
Ollo Clip is a 3-in-1 quick connect lens solution that has fish-eye, macro & wide angle effects which you slide onto your iphone, ipod, or ipad -and works with video as well. Honestly, when my baby asked me if I could buy one for her, I said I found it sort of useless since there were several apps on the iphone that provided the same effects -and more. Parang nanghinayang naman ako. It cost 3k, while the applications that did the exact same job were FREE. But because she really doesn’t ask for much, I gave in & she’s been happy using it ever since for her instagram pictures.
BFFs using the Fish Eye effect on the Ollo Clip. <3Β 
Featuring the Fish Eye on one end, and the Macro & Wide Angle (another add-on lens) on the other end.
Comes in RED or BLACK. 3k at any Digital Walker branch.

And because my Lovey is the ONLY person I can drag to a Korean restaurant, we had supper, after the extensive search, at Bulgogi Brothers.. again, haha. I’m soooo addicted to their banchan.. the salad in particular! It’s practically a meal in itself. <3


banchanΒ Β 

Web definitions
Banchan (also spelled panch’an) refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine.
FREE!!! <3
ALL FREE!!! <3
My sweetie pie who also LOVES the korean salad. Yay! <3
Bulgogi Burger 295 php
which you cook on your table top.
and presto! ;)
My very spicy, very yummy, KINCHI JJIGAE! <3 395 php
and since all they had for dessert are packages of Korean Ice Cream.. I had the FISH (EYE). ;))
Manco Fish 95 php

My Lovey couldn’t contain her excitement so she delivered the gift 2 weeks in advance. My gulay! Nanigurado na, baka nga naman ibili rin ng magulang at maunahan na naman sya! ;)) I’m so glad that her bestie LOVED the gift. <3

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