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Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar

I love date nights with Kap as much as I love date days with my girls, and our family dates. But date nights with Kap, I get to be The Girl, you know what I mean? I’m not (The Bull -inside foodie joke!) The Mom, so I can relax & let my hair loose, not worry about anything because I’m with my knight in shining armor. I can be silly, and giddy, and all girly & flirty! ;)) It’s also fun to pretend we’re going on our first date instead of our 987654321th! :P

And now that I’ve lost a little weight, I also get to dress up too! All the clothes that I’ve pushed to the back of my closest na inaamag na, I am able to unearth & wear again! Like this Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket. And I mention the brand just so you know how old it is.. nung uso pa ang TH! Lels.



Before I started my Paleo Manila diet, my arm wouldn’t even go through the sleeves. And now, it still won’t close but at least I can start wearing it again especially in this cool “ber” weather. I’m SO happy! <3 Black dress my Forever 21 Plus Size, sandals from my Lovey’s closet. Accessories gifted by my kids.


RICHIE invited Kap & I to the anniversary celebration of OLIVE TREE KITCHEN & BAR at The Fort. Funny how we’ve never set foot inside when it’s just beside Friday’s. How can I not have seen it with the plenty of times we’ve passed this way?

Maybe because Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar seems imposing from the outside AND the inside, what with the antipasti bar & fine dining concept. But the good news is, with its one year anniversary, Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar has unveiled an entirely different range of continental contemporary dishes. At first glance, each beautifully plated dish may appear intimidating, but you’ll always find that at the heart of each offering is something familiar -just presented differently. A bite shows you don’t need to be afraid of experimentation. All their impeccably plated dishes, as you will see below, are prepared with an intimate understanding of flavor and the deepest respect for ingredients.


Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar / OTKB

Bonifacio High Street, B3, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 823-0366



The corner facade may seem too rich & imposing, but the warmth lies in the food & the service.




The interiors is bathed in warm & relaxing tones & hues. Suddenly, you’ll feel it wasn’t as imposing as you originally thought it to be.






We were served Parmesan Fries (95 php) as we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive.


and drinks.. My syrup-less Cosmopolitan 180 php/glass (yes, you can request them to adjust it according to your needs). Vodka citron, cranberry, orange liqueur, fresh lime; and Kap’s Sangria Bianco Orange-Basil 275 php/glass. White wine, brandy, orange, lemon, syrup, basil, soda.


Here’s the 6-course tasting menu we had in celebrating Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar’s 1st Anniversary. This tasting menu will be made available only from September 26-28, 2014 and is priced at P1,499 per person. Should you wish to avail this menu, a day in advance reservation booking is highly recommended.


For Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar’s regular menu & price list, CLICK HERE.





Cacio e Pepe. House Made Limoncello Liqueur, Pink Peppercorn Berries, Pecorino Romano Shavings. (Thank you IRENE for this lovely photo! <3)


Panna Cotta. Bufala Mozzarella Panna, Blue Crab Cake, Tomato Carpaccio, Purple Basil Flowers & Calabrese Hash and Oil.


Uovo. Sous-vide Organic Egg, Parmesan Polenta, Morel Spuma, Pan Roasted Wild Mushrooms & Pistachio Citrus.


Agnolotti. Octopus Tentacles, Chorizo and Potato Mousseline, Whipped Butter & Red Cabbage Broth.


Maialino allo Spiedo. Milk Bathed Suckling Pig, Spiced Baby Carrots, Bitter Greens Gnudi, Raspberry Vinaigrette & Pig’s Head Au Jus.


Bistecca. Mulwarra Tenderloin. Foie Gras Shavings, Sweetbread Caponata, Mosto Cott and Zucchini Frite.


Olio d’Oliva. Olive Oil Sponge, Lemon Liqueur Ganache, Pineapple Mousse, Compressed Orange and Fennel


We were joined by handsome men: OTKB Executive Chef Rob Pengson (standing left), Chef de Cuisine Jonvic Mangibin (standing right), and Victor Gelano, Managing Partner.


Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar has a private room that can seat around 14-15 people. For a minimal consumable fee, you can rent this room for an exclusive celebration.







Thank you Richie for including us on the media invite list, and thank you Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar for letting us be a part of your anniversary celebration! Wishing you many more happy & successful years ahead. CHEERS!

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