Old & New

My son’s old best friend is in town. His dad’s in the air force & they had been relocated to Japan a couple of years back. They are now here in the Philippines for a brief visit. How nice that Jon got in touch & set a date! :)

So, with his old friend & new, my babyson went to dinner, movie & a little gaming.

With his new friend (leftmost), & old friend (middle) -how nice that they all bonded together! :)
Thank you, tita Nancy, for the cute shirt!
The movie was kinda dragging & only got exciting towards the end.
I could see the boys getting antsy in front of us!
(yes, the whole family went. But to our credit, we didn’t sit beside them naman! (just behind, hehe!) ;P)
They finished late so Jon decided to sleep over.
Went to shoot some hoops in the morning with justin beiber.
With a lot of energy left for swimming out back after lunch! @_@
Are you showing your non-existent abs? Son? ;))

Time goes by so fast! It seems just like yesterday when my babyson & his old bestie shook their special handshake & said a tearful goodbye. Even I got a huge lump in my throat. Now they’ve grown so much taller & about to say another goodbye. :(

In the car, on their way to shangrila hotel where jon’s family was billeted.
My babyson was willing to drive all the way to say goodbye :'((

Bye, Jon. We are looking forward to seeing you next year when your family will settle here again -for good this time –we hope! ‘Til then! :-*

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