Oh No, Mr. Q!

As I mentioned in my last blog, ate’s debut shoe needed a little adjusting. She’s a size 9-91/2 for imported shoes but the only available size online was 10 & it was the last pair. So I threw precaution to the wind, thinking bahala na si batman, hindi na siguro mahahalata. WRONG. It was indeed so halata, so we decided to take it to Mr. Q & see what can be done.

I spoke to Nancy, who was “in-charge”. She suggested we move the strap a little so the shoe will fit better. I breathed a sigh of relief. She said to come back for it the next day -with a huge smile, so I was thinking wow nakalusot ako ng major major!

Come tuesday, ate & I went back. She tried it on. Her feet wouldn’t go in. Buckets of sweat started dripping from all possible orifice in my body! @_@ I gave her a hand, thinking she just ate so maybe her feet grew a bit fat from our lunch (haha)! Nope. It was really too tight. And this is why..

I really don’t know why she had to cut it.
She could have just tucked it in, there was plenty of space in the heel area.
And I found out she wasn’t even a mananahi! @_@

Nancy decided to cut off a strip from each strap+side. I don’t know why -she could have just moved the stitching a bit. But no -she went on a cutting frenzy without even bothering to MEASURE ate’s ankles first even though I brought her with me 2x!

So now ate’s feet won’t go in. If Nancy didn’t CUT OFF anything, we could just have sewed everything back to how it was before, no problem. The thing is, since she made the CUT already, it would be impossible for ate to put it on! They suggested a garter. ARE YOU EFFIN’ KIDDING??

Nope. Whatever you do it really won’t close, silly!

By now, Nancy was in tears.

Well she was still smiling here.
But trust me, she was in TEARS!

Believe me, I was THIS (-) close to crying myself! :(( I didn’t want to put her on the spot because for sure this was coming out of her pay check. So I asked to speak with the manager.

After several roundabouts where I was passed on from several supervisors with results going nowhere, I was finally able to talk to Inna, daughter of the involved Mr. Q franchisee..

She was so nice & cordial and after several suggestions, promised to replace the exact shoe after I gave her the cost & online shopping & shipping details. She promised to have one for ate on or before July 31. This shoe was a gift from her ninang for crying out loud!

Thank you so much, Inna. I really appreciate your immediate action on this.

Our lunch..

Fish Burger 275 php
Fish N Chips 225 php (rice instead of chips)
My Swan <3
Merlion Slush 150 php
Raspberry Slush 140 php

I’m getting ulcers as ate’s debut approaches. TUMS please! :P

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