Oh Happy Day!

I <3 birthdays. Especially MINE! ;P I make it a point to always celebrate my husband & kids’ birthdays with much fanfare & gusto, so when it comes to my own, I kinda look forward to the special treatment too.. for them to let me know that I’m worth every effort… and centavo. :))

As I’ve said, my Honey is not the romantic type. He is not one to shower me with expensive gifts or romantic ideas. He is more of a DOER.. more of intangible things. More of the caring type rather than the giver. So I’m very happy that at least my 3 kids know how to make the extra effort for the lack thereof of their Dad. ;P (He did, however, force me to eat a banana on our way to church because I wasn’t able to eat breakfast. AND he brought me an extra pair of flats in case I give up on my pink heels. –SO, he is actually sweet n his own endearing NON-MATERIALISTIC way ;P)

For my birthday, as soon as I got out of the shower, the kids surprised me with a special birthday cake that they ordered weeks in advance. I know how broke they already are because they just spent a ridiculous amount of money for my advance birthday gift (the juicy couture ipad case). And my valentine’s gift. So it meant a lot to me that they went through all that trouble & expense to get me a beautiful, not to mention delicious, cake. :)

42!! Gosh I’m soooo OLD na!!! :((

Then my gifts from my wonderful friends started coming in one after the other. I LOVE gifts! Oh how it brightened up my already beautiful day. :)

An armani sunglass from my dearest, Marina! So very chic! :)
A tory burch leather pouch from Marissa. :)
A kate spade bangle from Ton.. in PINK! <3

After church, we had lunch at a nearby hotel to celebrate my birthday.

Couldn’t decide if red or white. So just had both! ;)

And watched a funny movie starring Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anniston after..

then dinner -glorious food all over again! I’m fond of eating, mind you, but this is ridiculous! We hardly fully digested our lunch, then here came dinner? ;P But hey, I’m not complaining! ;)

Dinner at Mr. Kurosawa, Resorts World. :)

Just when I thought my fabulous day has come to an end, out came another surprise from my wonderful kids as soon as we got home. I’ve been eyeing this bib necklace but was too cheap to buy it for myself haha. My baby who was with me when I tried it on snitched to her siblings & they asked my atrebidang yaya to buy it for them while we were out. They are soooooooooo SWEET! <3

My babies with yet ANOTHER surprise! :)

And of course, my birthday wouldn’t be complete without the Queen of the house, our bunso.. Virginia! Now I can say that my happiness is complete. Thank you so much Lord, for my beautiful life. ‘Til my next birthday.. I CAN’T WAIT! ;)

I love you Jinia! :-*
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