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Disclaimer: I wasn’t PAID in part or any form to advertise this product. (I wish!) :P This is based on my personal experience.

As ate was getting her digiperm which took forever (4 hours!), I noticed a long que just outside the door of Tony & Jackey. And you already know that my middle name is Curiosity (thus forever getting me into trouble!), so I followed the snaking line to find what what the hoolabaloo was all about! ;P

The line started way before we got there at 10 am!
Korean company, NUGA BEST

I saw mostly lolas & lolos sitting inside waiting for their turn for goodness knows what! So F.C. (Feeling Close, as what ate’s friend Ramy calls me!!!), I started a conversation with them & pretty soon they were insisting I line up as well to try for FREE the “magic bed” that gave them relief from arthritis & other ailments yes, even CANCER!

Baloney, I thought! Omg, they would really spend their WHOLE day lining up just to get a FREE massage from the magic bed?!? @_@ So I went back to the parlor, brought out my ipad & googled this “magic bed”.

Armed with enough information, I walked up to the uniformed person (who was cleary in charge) and asked about the so called “magic bed”. The lady, Marjorie, invited me inside for a free trial. Before I go further, let me reiterate that the service they were giving to the people queuing was FREE! As in NO CHARGE! Every day, it was FREE -from the mouth of babes oldies!!! (Believe me, and not to be a snob, but the people in queue wouldn’t be able to afford the machines this Korean company was selling -so I really believe that there was “no catch” for them). All they had to do was line up & every 40 minutes, 30 or so people went in as the same amount of people went out holding 2 pcs. of small brown beads which they get every time they visit (FREE TOO!) and they collect those beads to make into a bracelet. (btw, Marjorie gave me 5 bands which if you buy from them costs around 2.5k per band!!!)

My fellow arthritic friends hehehe! ;P 
Going back to their invitation, I visibly shuddered (sorry about that!) coz the inside looked like the charity wing of a hospital. See the picture below, you’ll know what I mean.
See? Doesn’t it look like the charity wing of a hospital???
Seeing my reaction, Marjorie said they had a V.I.P. room further along & that’s where I can try out the “magic bed”. With nothing to lose, and my back WAS aching from the long wait, in the salon I happily followed her along.
The V.I.P. rooms where I was taken.. Wow F.S. naman ako (feeling sosi)! :P
They have 3 kinds of beds. The jade (leftmost), another one that I didn’t quite catch, & The Tourmanium. 
This is their latest, The Tourmanium 500.

What is tourmanium
Developed by NUGA Medical for the first time in the world, the miraculous life-giving stone, tourmanium ceramics is manufactured through the processes of processing tourmaline, natural germanium, volcanic rock and elvan into microparticulates, followed by vacuum drying, screening the powder, making a form, and sintering/burning the form at higher than 1,300 ℃ with the most advanced technology. It is characterized by enamel-free polishing and best quality.

I lay down on this contraption & life as I knew it, was never the same! ;)) I SWEAR to you! My back pain was GONE! This “magic bed” kneaded, stretched & heated my back. The relief was immediate & I really didn’t want to get up! Except that my time was up. I can only do 40 minutes/session since the heat was too much & I could get burned.

Product Information 
Nuga Products Feature - Internal Projector Internal Projector
The Internal Projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing Acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine
and nearby Meridians, muscles and ligaments.
Nuga Products Feature - Five-Ball Projector Five-Ball Projector
The Five-Ball Projector comes with ergonomic design features that minimize heat and Far-Infrared Ray loss, and may be conveniently
used on any part of human body.
Nuga Products Feature - Internal Main Bottom Heater Internal Main Bottom Heater
One of new functions added to NUGABEST NM 4500 is Internal Main Bottom Heater, which provides constantly warm heat to users while using NUGABEST NM 4500.
Nuga Products Feature - Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control
Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. Good size display panels afford easy viewing. Remote Control Rack permits easy handling and temporary storage of Remote Control. 30 Minute Back, Neck, & Pelvic with 7 Minute Stomach Mode Combining Finger Pressure Massage Effect and Acupressure Effect
Nuga Products Feature - Connector Panel Connector Panel
Connector Panel allows use of Five-Ball Projector, 9 Ball Projector
Control with separate connection terminals provided for convenient use. Thus, two different persons may use the product simultaneously.
Nuga Products Feature - Temperature Panel Temperature Panel
You can set the desired temperature easily to suit your physical
conditions or characteristics.
An ergonomic product that combines Eastern and Western medicine

The porcelain floodlight is designed to move smoothly along your spine based on the principles of Western chiropractic and combined with the Eastern principles of moxibustion and massage points.  The porcelain balls massage up to your neck and gently massage your muscles along with the effect of moxibustion.
Tourmanium heating of internal floodlight

I immediately asked what the going rate was for this “magic bed”. They said a price which made my eyes bulge out! @_@ Then they said there was a waitlist. They were out of stock so they can’t sell any to me at the moment! But I was free to visit them everyday in the V.I.P. room with NO CHARGE/NO QUEUE whatsoever!!! Are they for real???

Oh-em-gee!! Ok, before you judge me, GO to the NUGA BEST nearest you & try out the friggin’ contraption. Then tell me if I was right.. or right! I DARE YOU!!! ;P
And yes, I got on the waitlist. I’m getting the friggin’ “magic bed”. What came free with the bed since I have to wait for the next stock to be shipped..

This is what ate & I have been using for the past 3 days.
Call it psychological.. call it whatever you like, but I haven’t been experiencing back pain lately even after walking around Lucky Chinatown Mall the whole afternoon & waiting for ate until 9pm in school yesterday!
Ate’s been using it too coz it claims to melt fats in the abdominal area hehe.. 

With my new BFF, Marjorie! ;)
I was hoping for the wide bracelet but hey, you don’t choose your gifts! :P
I’m thankful for the 5 stands they gave me. 1 intended for each of my family member but since the 2 boys are too macho to use one, I only gave my 2 girls & kept the 3 for myself teehee! ;))
Tourmanium Bracelet
Tourmanium Bracelet
Product Information
Tourmanium ceramics emits far-infrared rays and anions. NUGA BEST health care bracelet is a miraculous therapeutic tourmanium bracelet created by firing/sintering the ultra-microparticulate mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan and volcanic rock at 1300℃ – Celsius. It is designed for unisex with solid elastic string and Tourmanium beads. Regular Price : $ 130

 Now, to figure out how to hide my magic bed from Kapitan K hehe. Any suggestions??? Boo! ;))

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