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Was uber excited to take ate to Li Li at Hyatt Hotel. Read good reviews & saw some lovely pictures that I decided we would celebrate the end of her prelims with a dimsum BANG! I really thought it would look very “Salon-de-Ning-ish!”

Imagine my disappontment when #1-all the doors to the themed rooms were locked. #2-the dimsum choices at 788 php/person were VERY limited. #3-the dimsum came short of my expectation. Sigh. :(

When we learned Li Li was in Hyatt, I didn’t mind the state of the hotel so much, thinking sometimes treasures can be found amidst rubbles. So with a positive attitude & a grumbling tummy, ate & I braved the 1.5 hour friday traffic from her school & happily looked forward to our brunch -which turned into late lunch.

LiLi RestaurantHyatt Hotel

5/F Hyatt Hotel & Casino Manila, Pedro GilMalate, Manila(02) 245-1234
Welcome to Li Li
Where they prepare the Tea Ceremony
although they didn’t have one when we were there.
Our steaming tea came in a glass already. ;P 
Tea & Appetizers as we review our checklist! ;) 
The dimsum list.
I might have enjoyed Li Li’s dimsum had I not just come from my very recent & satisfying gastronomic experience at Phoenix Court.


I give the an “A” for presentation though.
And yes, I do admit Li Li’s interiors, although old and didn’t look very well-maintained, was nice. 
In order of appearance on the dimsum list:
Har Gao or Hakaw (Steamed dumpling with Bamboo Pith)
The prawns were big & crunchy. The glutinous wrap fresh. I also give this an “A”
Definitely our favorite. :)


Siomai (Steamed pork dumpling with Dried Scallop)


Steamed dumpling with Bamboo Pith, Carrot & Celery,
and Steamed dumpling with pork, eggplant & Peanut Chill.


Steamed Pork dumpling “Shanghai” style
(Xiao Long Bao)
Normally this is one of my favorites but this just didn’t cut it for me yesterday :(
Passed on: Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, Steamed Buns with Chicken & Mushroom, & Steamed chicken feet in Abalone Sauce.
Steamed Spare Ribs with Red Dates


Pan-fried Spinach dumpling with Shrimp


Steamed rice roll with XO chili sauce


(L) Deep fried Taro Dumpling with asstd. Seafood
(R) Deep fried Bean Curd Sheet Roll with Shrimp
Skipped: Stir-fried Radish Cake
Steamed glutinous rice with asstd. meat in Lotus Leaf.


Baked BBQ Pastry Puff with apple
This was actually good. <3


(F) Deep fried Bicho-Bicho with shrimp in wasabi-mayonnaise sauce
(M) Deep fried chicken taro Spring roll
(B) duplicate order of Deep fried Taro Dumpling with asstd. Seafood


Chicken simmered in Soya Sauce


Barbecued Pork Belly


Soup of the Day (Corn soup)
Fried Rice with Pork & Veggies
Stir-fried vegetables in garlic (which ate surprisingly liked & finished off! ;P)


White chocolate Masachi


Almond Jelly with Mixed Fruit


Steamed Malay Cake with Egg Custard cream
Dining with ate is always fun -I love spending time with her (all my 3 kids actually). Sometimes, bonus of great food is very much welcomed. And in the few times that we’re not so lucky, we just chalk it up to experience & adventure. :)
The dimsum in Li Li Hyatt Hotel is for me, just “so-so” & I don’t consider it value for money. I recommend the dimsum all you can in Shangrila Hotel (Shang Palace) at 888++, or the one in Bellevue Tower Hotel (Phoenix Court) 650-dimsum & 850-dimsum+ net. But this is just my opinion. Different strokes for different folks! ;)
My beautiful ate, showing the crossed-off dimsum from our list. :)
The people in the table beside ours seemed to be enjoying the ala-carte menu though, so do try it out for yourselves & we can compare notes! :)
They say that Li Li Restaurant resembles Li Li’s home, and that each room signifies a part of her life.
The history and story behind it was actually one of the catches why I brought ate here
-I really wanted to view all the rooms.
The main dining area has pictures of Li Li’s ancestors.  This is one of those pictures.
Funny, my Dad has one exactly like this in his mausoleum.
I guess Li Li is not the only one who has “bragging” rights haha, but ALL men of chinese descent. ;) 
The banyo in Li Li is clean & mabango.
“A” for that as well! m/
My Lovey is my GUEST BLOGGER next! Do watch out for her post soon on High Tea at The Tower (Bellevue). I’m so excited to read it! <3
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