Noodle Work

Because of the recent unfortunate turn of events with our friends who have separated, I have gotten clingier to Kap more than ever -if that’s even possible hehe.

More hugs, more kisses, more “I love you’s” were in order. I appreciate him more for the loyal & kind man that he is. Our 27 years together is no joke. It’s more than half our lifetime, and for him to still look at me with love like it was just yesterday in spite of all the “add-ons” through the years makes me the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

Some old couples don’t even have bed talk anymore. They don’t hold hands, they don’t look into each other’s eyes & whisper sweet nothings. At a certain point, they avoid each other like the plague & can’t bear to be within 10 feet of each other. I know I’m such a sentimental old fool but these are what makes a marriage.. the look of love across a room that says “it’s just you & me babe”. The 1000-watt smile you give to him & only him that says “you light up my life”. No matter how long you’ve hooked up, romance should still be alive & a top priority.

My kids, they always act like they want to barf when Kap & I are all lovey dovey, but deep down, I know that they are pleased to have parents who are still very much together, and in love.

Every night, On top of my prayer list is for God to also bless them with loyal spouses who will love them and care for them -cherish them just as my Kap cherishes me. Children who will be obedient and make them proud & happy just as my kids complete me.

Since Kap has been so very busy lately with a new business in tow & both him and my babyson running as kagawad for our barangay, we haven’t been having dates as of late. So last night when his schedule finally permitted it, we snuck out for a quick one. Just him & me. <3

He's really really naughty. If you will notice, he's looking at the A$$ and deliberately cropped off the rest of the body. I'm so taking our selfie shot next time. He can not be trusted with a camera!!! @_@

He’s really really naughty. If you will notice, he’s looking at the A$$ and deliberately cropped off the rest of the body. I’m so taking our selfie shot next time. He can not be trusted with a camera!!! @_@

He’s been wanting to try Noodle Work because he said he read online a bowl costs like less than 200 php only hehe. (Remember, we can’t have everything so I have long since accepted his cheap skate trait). Unfortunately, it’s inside the Resorts World casino so kids aren’t allowed. On our “adults only” date, he finally had the chace to try it out.

Fried Dumpling 100 php

Curry Laksa Mee 280 php. We had one bowl each but I found it bland. Too bad since I just LURVE laksa!!! :(

The love of my life. :)

Chakway Beef 240 php

I was excited coz we don’t really go to casinos. My kap doesn’t like gambling, kahit slot machines hindi pwede. Even in playing pusoy dos with his friends, whenever he gets invited to their homes for a session, he goes to eat pica-pica, not to play. ;) It’s an ongoing joke which his friends have already come to accept. Siya yung taga-kwento & comic relief nila while they play.

He doesn’t gamble because, on top of him being a tightwad, it is contrary to our belief as practicing Christians. And he doesn’t want to set a bad example to our kids. Totoo nga naman, how many lives have been ruined because of gambling? When is enough really enough when one is in a winning streak? How many houses & vehicles have been pawned just to “recover” only to find out there is no more way to recover and what is lost it really lost?

So we parked ourselves in Noodle Work & watched the eager beavers play in front of us. It was exciting to hear the “caching-caching” and see the pros at work! Ilang rolex na kaya ang nai-sanla that night? :P

Because gambling really isn’t our scene, we walked around leisurely & window-shopped after having our fill with both our gustatory & visual senses. Imagining what we will buy if we each had a million pesos each to spend. :) It was a fun game.

But what was more fun than pretend play was actual play & I got to eat my favorite ice cream for dessert. Salted Caramel.

While he had his.. a mango crepe.

Even with our dessert, we are poles apart. Ako yung high end 300-peso gelato & he is the budget 100-peso crepe. But in the end, we click.. and we love each other. And that’s all the matters. <3

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