Nolita / New Orleans

Sigh, summer is officially over. If only for the frequent rain showers as an indication, I bid you adieu, summer! :((
And that means back to school. I always get depressed this time of the year. 2 full months with my kids is just not enough -why did school get invented anyway? Boo! I will miss them way toooooo much. Most especially ate as she will be off to college! :'((
As a last hurrah, I took the kids to dinner at Boni High. I’ve been reading about Nolita EVERYWHERE that I decided we should give it a try too. Once school starts, it would be hard for me to drag them anywhere with me.
Notice the caption on my babyson’s shirt?
Isn’t it cute? ;))
I was expecting the place to be big.
eeehhhhh.. it was small.
Think army navy.
But their pizza is TO DIE FOR!
Expensive, but worth every bite, I tell ya! ;) 
My take-out.
Coz there simply weren’t any seats left.
And nobody seemed to want to leave! :P
Fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich 230 php 
(R) Wild mushroom ricotta 250 php
(L) Wild mushroom blue cheese 250 php
I liked the blue cheese better -more kick. The ricotta I found bland.
Look how HUGE my pizza was!
I ate more than HALF already & I still had that much left! <3
Note: Best eaten piping hot straight from the oven.
Mine was already cold when I finally sunk my teeth into it. -still good though.
Could’ve been great, I’m just saying! ;P
Cannoli 85 php 
And look who I “rubbed elbows” with!
THE Rajo Laurel, and Victor Basa (is he related to the Basas who were in the impeachment trial?)
My kids though, weren’t as gaga over Nolita -or pizza, as I was. They preferred something more solid (with rice) for dinner. And they are just sick of pizza since that’s what I usually order whenever they have friends over. Also, they preferred a quiet area where they can eat in peace haha!
So they suggested New Orleans. I know right, they sure know how to choose the expensive ones! ;P
Caesar Salad 345 php
I <3 their salad, it was bursting of flavors! And so crunchy!
My babyson’s full slab back ribs 800 php
My Lovey’s BBQ chicken 360 php
And ate’s popcorn shrimp 289 php
(with a side order of dirty rice 65 php)
My loves! <3
I will surely miss hanging every single minute with you guys. School hasn’t even started yet & I’m already looking forward to sem break! But you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder -so maybe you’ll miss me too! Love you guys so very much. Thank you for a wonderful summer! <3
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