Nihonbashi Tei

Hubby & I were supposed to have our lunch date in Greenbelt today. In Nanbantei of Tokyo to be precise. However, we passed by this japanese restaurant along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati & I remembered my friend Med posting this on instagram. So, copycat that I am, I asked my date to go on a detour so we could try this restaurant instead. I can always drive to greenbelt with the kids. Arnaiz Avenue?? I’m sure to get lost teehee! :P

Upon entrance, I really wasn’t impressed with Nihonbashi Tei. The decor was so-so, almost canteen-like with old ceiling fans. And my hunnybun, in an effort to make up to me for his date with the other Mrs. G yesterday on his ACTUAL BIRTHDAY, gave me permission to choose whatever restaurant my heart fancies. He even asked me to choose between Manila Pen or Shangrila Hotel. I know, SHOCKING, right??? See? I told you he’d make it up to me hehe. He’s soooooo guilty! :P

Anyway, going back to the main storyline, I was about to turn around & head for the hills, but I saw a lot of satisfied smiles slurping & burping away. Now THAT made me stay! ;)) And I must admit, it was a great decision. Food was INCREDIBLE! <3

Really old interiors. Again, not really a “date” place.
But the quality of the food? Oh-em-gee!
Made up for it! m/ 
Sakes all around. Wanted to try one but they were expensive! $$$

Laminated menus.. could use improvement.
Complementary appetizer. Ho-hum actually. 
But this?? This was HEAVEN in a dish!!! m/
Sweet & VERY spicy, the way I like it. <3
Spicy Tuna Sashimi 220 php
Gyoza 150 php. Noms! <3
Nigiri Sushi Mori 350 php
Fresh. Yum! <3
Birthday boy & “The Other Woman”! :P
Yasai Itame 220 php 
Mixed Tempura 380 php
I loved every bit of it. The batter was so light & fluffy. The prawns big & juicy.
Even the veggies, I loved! <3
Maguro Kama 200 php
(or tuna panga)
OMG this was sooo big & so sulit.
Had to take it home untouched coz we were so stuffed silly! ;P

Again, whatever plans we had after our heavy meal was scrapped hehe. Being full & satisfied does that to you. You just wanna crawl into bead & snorrrreeeeee into oblivion. But first, DESSERT! Up next.. ;)

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