New S.S.E.N.

Hello lovely people! :) Do you like my new blog design? I do. I really really do!! (I was told you have to clear your cache to see my new site. Go to settings -> safari -> clear history -> clear cookies) But before anything else please allow me to thank the following people PROFUSELY for my new blog design:

– Richard of Tales from the Tummy for pointing out the direction to my new designer..



Pat was heaven-sent.

Her basic package already covers everything you’ll ever need to make your blog site presentable.

And it’s really so affordable, I said yes right away without batting an eye.

Do ask her for a quote. It’s on the mid 4-digit, I promise!

She’s really nice. <3


Patricia Alix-Villa of Fancy Girls Design. OMG. I love her, as in SUPER! <3 She was so warm, friendly, accommodating, and very very patient with me! I would email her incessantly day AND night with my crazy ideas & she never complained! Plus, we really synced. She knew what I wanted to go for right from the get go. She also introduced me to..



I have a tendency to “F” things up. So I didn’t dare touch my blog.

It’s 3 years worth of posts from the heart so there was no way I was doing migration on my own & accidentally delete something -or worse, EVERYTHING! @_@

At first, I thought it would cost me an arm & a leg. Turns out, it doesn’t, you’ll be surprised.

Don’t hesitate to email her for a quote. It’s on the low 4-digit, I promise!


Jennyfer Tan (JENN), the Migration Queen I never knew there was such a thing as migration in the blogosphere. And I didn’t know how to! Jenn was an angel & helped me transfer all my posts & files to a new home & get you guys redirected too. See, you didn’t even know I transferred homes, did ya? ;)) I transferred from wordpress-dot-com to wordpress-dot-org & I am now self-hosted! Ok I’m just pretending I know all those stuff so please, please don’t ask me the difference & what they all mean. I just sat back & Pat and Jenn did all the dirty work for me! I’m just using these fancy words that they used on me! :P

Why the change? Well, I feel that my blog has come to a point where it deserves to be taken care of & acknowledged. It has, after all, brought you guys to me! ;) So I wanted to prettify it & make it look more professional. Hindi na ako nagpapanggap ngayon. Legit na ito!!! Legit na ako!!! m/


When should you invest in a blog designer?


If you will notice, I now have categorized tabs for your easy reference & navigation. That’s coz of Pat. And, Jenn will categorize ALL my posts -slowly but surely from the most recent to the oldest, so I’m asking for your patience & understanding haha. She’ll also be fixing my blog in such a way that loading won’t be a problem. I’ve noticed my photos have been hard to view because my posts are super photo-heavy. So Jenn will be using her magic to make everything download faster. <3

I hope you like my new layout as much as I do! <3 Please bear with me as my angels help me transition & settle in my new home for the following days. My blog is a work in progress and is currently under construction for your better enjoyment. You are my priority & the reason for my upgrade.

Thank you again & again guys for your support & love. I treasure each one of you in my big, fat heart. Mwah! :-



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