Ate went to her 2nd debut party last night. Theme was NEON of all things! Wanting to spare me additional expense, knowing she would only want to wear it once (we are talking about goth princess here…), she decided to just borrow Lavinia’s neon shirt & shorts, since it was kinda a casual affair (she thought). Then Pat (the debutante) asked everyone to NOT COME in shorts please.. or pants. A day before the party!! So ate went into a panic mode on  WHAT TO WEAR! @_@

She couldn’t buy one herself this late since Fridays she gets off late from school (this particular friday even later -6pm! Party was at 9! Hardrly any time to get primped at all!)

So she had to rely on her dear old mum to get her through.. supermom to the rescue (again!) ;P

As soon as the doors to the mall opened, I went on a mission to find her a NEON dress! I’m telling you, neon is so 80’s.. so if you think this was an easy task, think again! :P

I went to ate‘s stores rustan’s, topshop, mango.. even so far as bayo, kamiseta & yrys! No such thing as neon dresses.

These were the best I could find in Mango, but the sizes were wrong..

Nice sana especially the one on the left. And not too neon-y.
I can see her wearing this to several other occasions.
Too bad they don’t have her size. :(

The only other neon I could find was this in (verve) Rustan’s..

Turned out nice naman on ate. She would have wanted it shorter, and more body-fitting, but she just had to make do.. with the limited time frame we had. Nanay Fina would just have to work her magic hands on this on monday, so ate (or my lavinia) can wear it again next time.

Hope you had fun at the party, ate! Soooo excited for your very own debut in November! <3

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