Neon Cocktail Dress

In her teeny tiny voice, ate mentioned to me she needed a new cocktail dress for her childhood friend’s coming 18th birthday party in july where she is one of the “sparklers”. I almost didn’t hear her. I don’t know why she was shy, or even afraid, to tell me. It’s not like I don’t buy her stuff! Hello? Ganyan silang 3. Ako pa ang namimilit na ibili sila ng gamit. Lagi.

With her childhood friend Isabella, who’s turning 18 in July, and asked my darling to be one of her “sparklers”.

So I immediately booked her an appointment with Ann Chaves of Pluma last week. I then showed her a design I’ve been eyeing for an occasion such as this. I’m happy it met ate’s instant approval.

I love the idea of wings.
Ate has lost a lot of weight so I know she will pull of this backless look.
Of course, not as low-cut as the one shown in the picture.
LESS DARING, believe me! :P

Armed with a picture & idea of how we want her dress to be, we went to Pluma last week to have 2 dresses made (so she has a spare for an all-of-a-sudden occasion). I love Ann. She just GETS us. No long explanation necessary. Plus, she doesn’t charge an arm & a leg. So win-win situation! ;)

The theme of Isabella’s party is NEON. Patay tayo diyan, I told ate. Hindi kasi siya kaputian hahaha. Initially, I wanted canary yellow for her. But she said she doesn’t want to look like either a Cory supporter, or a huge bumble bee. So we agreed on orange with a dash of neon pink as a pop of color.
I’m so excited to see how her dress comes out. She is such a great & classy dresser that I just know she will pull this off.

An now. For the shoes. The hardest part. Story of my life! @_@

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